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Shots Fired

Sam Hyde Sightings & IRL Fragging First Responders.

Forum Guidelines

This board is for archiving the online content of mass shooters. Read this thread for a mission statement.

  • Archive everything! Social media sites respond very quickly to shooters and delete entire channels immediately. Don't let that happen!
  • Don't a-log. If we didn't think these kids were losers this board wouldn't exist. Referring to shooters by their nickname is fine, but posts just insulting the shooter don't belong here.
  • Reduce chatter. This board is not for general discussion. Read through the entire thread before replying so you're not repeating what others have said; focus on the mission and clear comms.
  • @Null (especially for re-uploading large videos)

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      David Katz / "Bitch Boy" / Mr_sliced_bread / Bread / Ravens2012champ

      Diagnosed Schizophrenia. Perpetrated Jacksonville Landing Shooting.

    2. Tempest

      Snochia Moseley / Sno

      Maryland Rite-Aid distribution center shooter


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