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    Careercow Jack Scalfani / Cooking With Jack

    Honestly at this point I wouldn't be shocked if one of his Burger Wars ideas is to just grab a whole tray of raw burger meat, lube it up with some soy sauce and jalapeno butter and choke-lick it with his mutating tongue while he completely strokes out, gargling "KEEEETOOO" as synapses in his...
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    Diseased Trump Derangement Syndrome

    In the case of each, I stopped giving a shit about Romney for posthumously converting his dead in-laws via Mormon law as well as his tendency to flip-flop to seem electable. McCain I considered for a while before he got Palin on board, since I was concerned of him pulling a Harding in office and...
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    Diseased Trump Derangement Syndrome

    Ah, standing corrected since I tend to blend the two together to a degree... mainly because Dumbass O'Donnell was right at home to the fundie wing and she and Todd "pregnancy via rape means she liked it" Akin tended to be the two I remember the most out of that lot. O'Donnell in particular was...
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    Diseased Trump Derangement Syndrome

    Ahh yes, his Massachusetts years. Romney there was trying to duplicate the stances of his Daddy, Mr. George "Foot in Mouth" Romney of Michigan and trying to emulate the pretty much extinct Rockefeller Republican breed. This was not out of any real preference to that dead branch of the GOP...
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    Write a scary story in two sentences

    You crack open a fridge and begin to have a nice bowl of cool whip. You then hear a voice go "Oh, no... that's not cool whip; it's lard.".
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    2019-04-10 DSP Got Married

    Nahh... it's that Wolverine Toy again. The one he screeched about not getting immediately since he had to wait a few months extra to get it. They saved it all that time as a final "Grow up Son" moment.
  7. Adamska

    Megathread Random Updates

    That's a lot of words to just say "I'm an exceptional individual who does not understand anything" Phil. You basically just typed up that your position is literally "FUCK YOU DAD REEEE~". This is because Insurrectional Anarchism is the "I want fing, loot fing, furk you" type of politics. No intelligence, no...
  8. Adamska

    Lolcow Leonard F. Shaner II

    Reckon that Hockey is one of the very few things Len's not banned from. Also I think he had a stroke given how he seems a bit more scatterbrained than normal... or it's been a while since I've bothered actually reading his posts.
  9. Adamska

    Megathread Random Updates

    You probably should try to make a new country because we still own the Rights for Autistan Phil. Use Nuevo Grecia or some shit for your hopes that Vodka Grandma will leave you be, before a CnD is issued out straight from Down Under.
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    Looks like we're having a Roast for dinner this Easter. Nice.

    Looks like we're having a Roast for dinner this Easter. Nice.
  11. Adamska

    Diseased Trump Derangement Syndrome

    I can answer this one. So what you guys are saying, that the funding is a racket, is at best marginally true. I can state this because the way that the racket would work in this case is if the Dems were actively expanding the Teacher population, since that is where the dues come from. But based...
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    Write a scary story in two sentences

    It was honestly a good day. Shame about finding out you have AIDS.
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    DSP's Loan & Savings Company

    It's either them telling him to get a real people job because of the Trolling, or because they know their son is really garbage with managing money and is living beyond his means. Either way, it says a lot when his parents by now are telling him that he's getting cut off soon. Also telling...
  14. Adamska

    Law Justice Brett Kavanaugh Megathread

    Eh, I could've seen one or two more seats flipping if the Dems were being semi-sane and using their funds even semi-competently, since the Senate seats were actually pretty much the best set-up that the Republicans could've hoped for. A more sane and competent campaign definitely could've...
  15. Adamska

    Tabletop Roleplaying Games (D&D, Pathfinder, CoC, ETC.)

    First, here's intentional shilling: As for what system is really good for favorites, DnD 3.5 and 5e are stupidly popular and a guaranteed game in my circles. I'd personally suggest Modiphius' 2d20 system as well, mainly because they have some of the better property titles available, ranging...

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