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  1. AnOminous

    BronyCon 2019 megathread

    That's the locked thread. @yawning sneasel ultimately made another.
  2. AnOminous

    Dramacow ArchivistBecks / 8bitBecca / RemembrancerMx / Yonah Bex Gerber / Rebecca Marie Hernandez-Gerber

    Imagine being such a hateful cunt that you look like you're in your 50s when you're in your early 30s, and yet you have the mind of a 12 year old, obsessed with cartoons and children's theme parks.
  3. AnOminous

    Zinnia Jones / Satana Kennedy / Zachary Antolak / Zack Sklar / Lauren McNamara/Soersdal / @zjemptv

    Zach considers himself an activist and since all he does is ram things up his ass and tweet, I assume he must consider ramming things up his ass a form of activism.
  4. AnOminous

    ANTIFA / Antifascist Action / Antifaschistische Aktion

    Prosecutorial misconduct isn't a technicality, it's the only way to punish a misbehaving government. It will also apply if the government ever gets caught pulling another COINTELPRO whether it's against the left or right or "alt-right" or whatever.
  5. AnOminous

    Brianna Walker Wu / John Walker Flynt General Thread

    I think this xenomorph should go back to its home planet too.
  6. AnOminous

    Cultcow Russell Greer / @theofficialinstaofrussellgreer

    His only portfolio, though, would consist of failed lolsuits and lolsuits he couldn't even serve on the defendant.
  7. AnOminous

    T. Greg Doucette / Thomas Gregory Doucette / greg_doucette / TGDLaw / fsckemall / lawdevnull / TDot

    He manages to get so many things wrong in every tweet I only caught the stupidity of his idea you should just waive any possible spoliation claim and let evidence be destroyed because it's laughable to send evidence preservation letters. The hypothetical "second wave" would be VIC either filing...
  8. AnOminous

    Kiwi Farms Reviews

    But I thought we just made fun of incels themselves for the lulz. Even if the incels thread itself is infected as fuck.
  9. AnOminous

    Weeb Wars / Animegate / #kickvic / #vickicksback

    If they did, they publicly admitted they knew it would be breaking the law to do it, and then went ahead and broke the law anyway. If it's a ruse, it's still stupid and they're still idiots.
  10. AnOminous

    Nick Rekieta's Weeb Wars videos & livestreams

    Ron never did work in the industry.
  11. AnOminous

    T. Greg Doucette / Thomas Gregory Doucette / greg_doucette / TGDLaw / fsckemall / lawdevnull / TDot

    What does this imbecile find "laughable" about evidence preservation letters? Remember, this brainlet also thinks it's laughable that BHBH obeyed the law by sending legally required, mandatory TDMA letters. If Gurgles were in charge he would have just skipped that because of how silly it was...
  12. AnOminous

    ANTIFA / Antifascist Action / Antifaschistische Aktion

    That's funny because most of the lionizing of John Brown I saw was well before the antifa loons got in on him and it was pro-life people comparing their crusade to his. Operation Rescue in particular were quite fond of comparing themselves to him.
  13. AnOminous

    Official Kiwi Farms Pleroma Server

    He's done lots of dumb shit.
  14. AnOminous

    Weeb Wars / Animegate / #kickvic / #vickicksback

    Good. They fucking deserve it for being worthless scum. I hope Vic sues them and I hope they go out of business.
  15. AnOminous

    Weeb Wars / Animegate / #kickvic / #vickicksback

    Not even during a court proceeding could she conceal her utter disgust for fans. Why would fans support a piece of shit like this who utterly hates them?

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