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    Aging and society

    I think that once society stopped turning toward the aged for the wisdom of their years, they started to be looked upon as a burden. As such, the aging process is seen with more horror than in previous times, and more money is spent than ever before to delay it or mask its effects. And therein...
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    Should Autists be allowed to use the Internet?

    I thought anyone who uses the internets for more than checking the weather, stock quotes, or headline news was autistic...
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    WEIGHING IN | DAYS 21-30 - 8/18/2019

    How long has she had that weird crease around her left eye? (on the right, here) I hadn't noticed it before, but it kept distracting me today.
  4. Dutch Courage

    War Joe Biden heaps praise on GOP during Massachusetts fundraiser

    Only in this climate can referring to someone as "decent" be called "praise"
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    Gross Chantal Sarault / Foodie Beauty

    So, Clotso is offended that the substitute doctor was "condescending" about her weight, eh? 'Bout time one of those milquetoast Canuck doctors gave her some shit about it. The content-to-length ratio of this video is one of her worst ever. Lots of repetition and sperging. She has a "mass" on...
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    Community Fat Acceptance Movement

    She is such a Chantal-like bitch, but even Chantal doesn't smirk as often. That whole soliloquy at the start about how she only had to delete one comment in the last week is so dumb and dishonest. Of course her comment section changed; she blocked everyone who said anything that wasn't an ass...
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    Gross Chantal Sarault / Foodie Beauty

    Nothing but tumbleweeds in Chantalville this week. The "week of videos not about eating" never happened. I wonder if she's been reading and re-reading her medical reports over a plate of Buffalo Wings and poutine? (Probably not; her reading skills are poor) After Manic May, one of her...
  8. Dutch Courage

    Fan-made videos + the Haydur Nation

    Here's how you spot a fat person: "I am of healthy BMI" means "I am overweight, just not morbidly obese" and "moderately active" means "I know I don't get nearly as much exercise as I should" This is why one shouldn't powerlevel; you invariably let on too much about yourself when you do...
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    Why does it bother Trump fans so much that people don’t like him?

    It doesn't bother me if people hate Trump. What bothers me is the attendant insinuation made by most Trump-haters that anyone who would vote for him or even simply tolerate him has to be a died-in-the-wool racist neo-Nazi who bows at the altar of White Supremacy. That kind of shit is not only...
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    World Trump wants to buy Greenland.

    The folks in Denmark are a lot less sanguine:
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    Transsexual 'dragon lady' reveals how an HIV diagnosis inspired her to morph into a reptile

    Fuck "they" and "their"; it makes reading impossible. I have to keep looking back to see who the fuck the writer is talking about.
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    World Trump wants to buy Greenland.

    Well, I've got my flag ready for the big day... I was saving it for Puerto Rico or Guam, but I guess Greenland will do.
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    The Amberlynn Reid Show Supporting Cast

    If this ever happens, Eric, who has quietly amassed 15K subscribers, is gonna wonder why only 20 people watch his videos. I actually believe it has never dawned on him that he gets 10K views because people are looking for clues about Amberlynn. Sometimes I imagine he and Rickie renting a new...
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    World Trump wants to buy Greenland.

    Count me in favor. It is a stupid idea, but they said that about buying Alaska too. As it turns out, Alaska has been a great place to send malcontents...
  15. Dutch Courage

    Gross Chantal Sarault / Foodie Beauty

    I raise this point a lot too, whenever she starts piping up about the sweet, innocent little baby cows and chickens at the petting zoo. It is mind boggling really, when you get right down to it. She weighs as much as three women. So, if we use this measurement in a crude way to estimate she...

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