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    COOK WITH ME | TACO SOUP 6/24/19

    Everything has to be a soup with her. Throw a bunch of shit in a pot and stir it. Why not just make some freakin' tacos? Is there an easier food to prepare than tacos? Even though "cook with me" videos are "highly requested" she announces she put absolutely zero thought into it and is "just...
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    Gross Chantal Sarault / Foodie Beauty

    Mama Bear is...a friend. I will leave it at that...😗
  3. Dutch Courage

    Gross Chantal Sarault / Foodie Beauty

    Some thoughts... 1. She thinks it is Canada Day weekend; had her weekends all mixed up. How is this even possible? She has nothing to do all day, every day. 2. I noticed everyone in the family bailed out this year except mom and her hubby. 3. Bibi also bailed this time. Work. 4. Not a...
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    Gross Chantal Sarault / Foodie Beauty

    She's got an Amberlynn up one too, and she does a great version of Becky in it. Look, they might not be perfect, but I think these are great for a start, and if she improves at her craft, she's gonna be fun to watch. Not only is it purely original content, instead of just shouting back at...
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    After the debacle of last year's visit to Gay Pride parade, when she showed her solidarity to the cause by hiding in a darkened motel room in a wild, selfish orgy of eating that directly kicked off the Housebound Saga rather than making even a 5-minute appearance at the parade, I think she needs...
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    Why do deathfatties always think they understand ASMR in any way, shape, or form? I doubt any of them experience it themselves. There actually is an art to ASMR, and it involves a certain amount of gracefulness and intelligence. It does not work with ham-handed rustling of papers, sloppy...
  7. Dutch Courage

    100 Days of Weighing In | Day 18

    That is not a real ATV, just a battery-powered toy. It goes about 4-5 MPH tops, if that. I think in Kentucky, you have to be over 5 years old to drive a real one.
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    2019-06-22 - Padma McCord: "Defamatory Thread Removal"

    Thanks to this complaint, the quality of her thread is likely to become much better now.
  9. Dutch Courage

    Lolcow Padma McCord

    lol, there really wasn't much lolcowy here until now. Nice job, Padma, you just ensured the thread will grow longer.
  10. Dutch Courage

    Lolcow Padma McCord

    You mean, she wishes she directed two movies. Both are "in development", which could mean they are under production but usually means someone said "we're making a movie" and has gone no further than that.
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    License Plates

  12. Dutch Courage


    Any innocent Japanese stumbling upon this is gonna have their absolute worst suspicions about Americans confirmed. Oh, and the stuff that "tasted good" but had "bad texture" was wasabi nori (dried seaweed). Nori is good stuff, if you don't get it in weird candy form.
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    Some of the shit on Twatter is just too overt

    I recently set up a new Twatter account myself (which I have since decided not to use). It was also locked in the same manner as BoingoTango's was. I didn't follow anybody and nobody followed me; there was no time. I was locked out in 5 minutes, and given the same options to unlock it. There...
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    Gross Chantal Sarault / Foodie Beauty

    This really is pathetic. She has one other photo of her teen years that she has shared, from the age of 17. In that one, she is already a big bruiser closing in on 300lbs. Her 4-year-old sister is in that pic, and Chantal is interacting with her with a demonic look on her face. Chantal likes...
  15. Dutch Courage

    Gross Chantal Sarault / Foodie Beauty

    Plus, the pie probably tastes like garbage, although I guess that wouldn't stop her. Who is she trying to convince? The haydurs who have been right about her every step of the way? That ain't gonna work. The dingbats who say "you go girl", "you got this", "you do you", and "your makeup is on...

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