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    Why was news article about the_donald being quarantined moved from A&H to community watch thread?

    Mods move stuff because they are fags not because of some political 4d chess or something, don't overthink it, just move on bro.
  2. Eryngium

    Plagued /r/The_Donald

    It's right before the first Democratic primary lol.
  3. Eryngium

    Plagued /r/The_Donald

  4. Eryngium

    Shitty WatchMojo Videos

    "Ms.Mojo" There is no fucking way this thing is a woman, is there? Look at that fucking jawline, you could cut marble with that!
  5. Eryngium

    Bernie Sanders is about to become a Twitch streamer

    INB4 banned being banned for saying something that gets confused with "Nigger"
  6. Eryngium

    Steam Summer Sale 2019

    >Not pirating games in 2019 and spending your gaming budget on PC upgrades instead.
  7. Eryngium

    YouTube Islamic Content

    It never got to purple, how do I know which is purple???
  8. Eryngium

    Twitter 6/26 - Chris claims he had a heart attack

    It sounds like he got heartburn and is convinced it's a heart attack lol.
  9. Eryngium

    World Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg says he's been target of 7 assassination attempts

    Non-consensual brappery is sexual assault.
  10. Eryngium

    Culture Nebraska woman, 21, AVOIDS jail after marrying her biological father

    Why do incest couples always seem to want to marry?
  11. Eryngium

    Inactive Desmond Daniel Amofah / Etika / Etika World Network

    If Boogie ever committed suicide we'd know right away.
  12. Eryngium

    Inactive Desmond Daniel Amofah / Etika / Etika World Network

    Kinda bothers me how entitled people are being attacking the NYDP for not giving results right away, they don't seem to understand it's his family that comes first and they deserve a bit of peace.
  13. Eryngium

    Outfit of the Day + Party Time

    Imagine her flipping up that apron, completely nude underneath and shouting "Dinnertime"! 8)
  14. Eryngium

    Diablo II Mod: Median XL

    Hit me up when there is an iOS version.

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