Yeah I hate radical quantum mechanic theory that deals with dark matter, black holes and shit like that. I was talking to someone today about the Heisenberg uncertainty, the way atoms behave like particles except observed they behave like wave lengths. It is fascinating because 5000 years ago this guy Siddartha Gotahma said he meditated his life and freed himself from the perception of time which is a creation of the mind, and freed himself from the suffering of rebirth attached both mentally and physically. He said mind and matter are likr 2 seperate sides of the same coin. In his meditation he found so many subtleties he came in contact with atoms, he never called it an atom he called it a small indivisible particle, arising and passing with great rapidity every second, seeming solid but actually just vibrations.
So similar to how Heisenberg describes his observations of matter. Observable quantum physics are fascinating. College fanboy concepts read straight from text like time dilation, space time as a fabric itself, black holes and dark matter and just other unsubstantial garbage which has no application in any way shape or form except in someones imagination written up on a chalkboard with imagination variables is just sad garbage. It is not insurmountable, its nothing. What it does is introduce the concept that actual observable quantum mechanics are part of the rest of the garbage when that shit is compiled from data from very smart dedicated people who have repeated experiments thousands and thousands and thousands of times.
I like to stick to facts personally. But when e=m x santa claus squared I will shoot myself in the face. The day a black hole swallows me and "infinitely" crushes me in a split second yet observed by someone else as taking a thousand years I will have no choice but to believe it.
Anyone who can calculate the universal speed limit of light is smart. The rest is pure bullshit. The day its proven i will consider ending it all. Which will be easy because the day its proven is the day we all fall into one. Just that simple.


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