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    Official Kiwifarms 2016 USA Mock Election

    "Who's Pumpin Trump's Rump?‽" A futuristic historial teen romance fiction piece by Chuck Tingle. Experience the 2016 elections in 2106 after Sanders and Trump have been cryogenicly frozen and de-thawed almost 100 years later to battle for the title of cutest cuck.
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    Official Kiwifarms 2016 USA Mock Election

    Title says it all. Only options for our mock election will be Sanders or Trump, otherwise we'd all probably write-in @TrippinKahlua Only catch is that you will actually need to vote in order to view the poll results. It's down to :trump: VS. :suck: Who will it be Kiwis?
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    Line Of The Day

    A moment ago Null: God I need to get drugs so I can be a stick and fuck sickly thin girls #LifeGoals
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    LGBT Apology for homophobic comments about homophobia video

    I find it funny that in a video he has centered around alternate gender/pronoun/LGBTBBQHAX apologies and such, he manages in the same breathe to STILL find the need to reinforce Sonichu and Rosechu's straight orientation. Tsk, tsk, such a heteronormative narrative you've established Chris.
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    Feedback Change Chris' subforum icon

    I completely agree with OP. I'm bias as hell though because I don't enjoy a single gender-bender obsessive cow, nor would I even define Chris as really revolving what MAKES him a lolcow as gender banter. Pokeball or silhouette of of Issue#0's Chris+Sonichu zapping to the extreme seem like...
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    Line Of The Day

    See now, the refreshing difference is that he's actually rejecting the bullshit reports. He's extremely active and enthusiastic as a new hire, but he's not looking to delete posts or lock threads just for the sake of it. Something that other staff should take a lesson from. Well done @Clown Doll
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    Tattoos / Body Mods Thoughts?
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    Line Of The Day

    Dear Mom, Next time when you try to link me youtube cat videos, you have to actually PUT the link in the email for me to be able to play it Love, Glaive (was actual reply)
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    Trump 2016

    Feeling a bit deflated. I had worn my Bernie 2016 shirt to wawa to spread the Bern and these two MEN asked me if I was really going to vote for him (in a patronizing tone that MEN take). So I said "Hellz yeah, aren't you?". They actually told me that, "Sanders is an idiot for not knowing...
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    Post Ratings Discussion

    Incel through rating obsession = Ratecels
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    Lolcows vs. NonLolcows

    Honestly @Thundersteam , that's a pretty agreeable analysis. I'd personally tweak some bits but you've scraped the surface successfully. Gratz. KiwiFarms Bootcamp cleared. Let's see you dig a bit further than regurgitating facts from our 101 text material. Apologizing on your behalf to the...
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    Feedback Technical Grievances Thread

    Alerts for tagging are 100% functional. Ratings you give and receive are still recorded and viewable on each individual posts. Rate totals per each rating from the profile view are currently disabled. Full description of the current state of the rate system can be found in the post rating...
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    Feedback Technical Grievances Thread

    Everyone would turn them on if it was available. The feeling you are currently experiencing is called withdrawal. Symptoms should fade as your tolerance returns to normal following not having your usual rate alert fix for several days. Besides, forcing you to manually check back on your posts...
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    Post Ratings Discussion

    That single post sparked a bigger site change than the entire lifespan of our own Feedback board. Sparked might be an overstatement though, as he's spoken about many similar rate system issues before. It did not challenge or change his opinion. However the timing is pretty damn telling that...
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    Feedback Technical Grievances Thread

    This is by design. Quote alerts should still be 100% functional, rate alerts are currently off.

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