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  1. Okinaaa

    Thing that personally piss you off.

    Coworkers trying to get political in the workplace. They don't even consider the fact that I might have a different opinion than them.
  2. Okinaaa

    Public Transportation Stories

    Busses would be nice if they weren't the main mode of transportation for the mentally ill. I'm fine with being around them usually but they can be a bit unpredictable and put everyone on edge. The only weird stuff I've seen is schizos arguing with themselves which is admittedly frightening.
  3. Okinaaa

    Thing that personally piss you off.

    When someone promises to hang out with me but they're still playing DOTA.
  4. Okinaaa

    Cedric goes to Yamanashi

  5. Okinaaa

    What became so popular at your school that the teachers had to ban it?

    Smoking or snorting smartie dust (yes). The negative health impacts are obvious, you shouldn't be coating your lungs in sugar. They also banned playing cards which is lame because not every card game involves gambling. I'm sure there were other dumb fads that are too stupid to recall.
  6. Okinaaa

    What’s the dumbest thing you’ve done because your brain was on autopilot?

    Deleted my save in Animal Crossing that I had nearly 100% completed.
  7. Okinaaa

    Random Pics and Gifs

    Can I get a link to that generator.
  8. Okinaaa

    What’s a weird childhood ritual you still do today?

    The reason is autism and I know because I do it too... I always blow out of straws before drinking from them because I inhaled plastic from a Kapri Sun straw as a kid.
  9. Okinaaa

    Drivers of Kiwifarms What Makes You Roadrage?

    People that honk at and tailgate you on twisty country roads with a hundred foot drop to your right. I don't know these roads and I'm not risking my life to go a little faster so suck it up, you lunatic.
  10. Okinaaa

    Culture Organizers Say Comiket No Place for Hate Speech After Anti-Korean, Chinese Stickers Were Discovered

    I imagine that's because Americans rip up their comics and scan them to read for free.
  11. Okinaaa

    Arin Hanson / Egoraptor / Grump

    Finally, a place where I can bitch about their shitty Dirty Pair self-inserts. I find it really weird to sell yourself as a sexy girl to your fans. They're even expecting people to cosplay to them. I hate that it's just blatant...
  12. Okinaaa

    "Current year" terms that piss you off

    To sum up what many are saying: ebonics/ghetto speak. I don't understand "hit or miss" at all. The following terms/styles really get on my nerves: I'M SCREAMING/HOWLING - I can't help but picture the person typing as a drooling moron screeching at their computer. when ummm pEOPLE TyPE li KE TH...
  13. Okinaaa

    New Years Resolutions

    Use 4chin, KiwiFarms and Twitter less. Improve my 日本語 and put the art tools I wasted money on to use.
  14. Okinaaa

    You're going to die and you can have any one thing

    Go to Gensoukyou and get vored by cute girls.
  15. Okinaaa

    Culture Japanese Man Marries Hatsune Miku Doll

    Miku is old and busted so he can have her. The 6 million new vtubers are the new hotness, until something else comes along and replaces that fad. Also Luka is the best Vocaloid, fuck you.

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