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    Culture 'Empire' star Jussie Smollett attacked in possible hate crime

    The thing from the writers is weird since I thought he'd already been fired. Maybe a cleanout of the writers' room is next.
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    Disaster Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Megathread

    Yes. They would have left it sitting there for literally forever rather than vote on it and be shamed. It's a "political stunt" because it's actually forcing them to act on the idiocy of one of their own and embarrass themselves or embarrass her, in other words, it's the sort of stunt they pull...
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    Alex C. "Allie" Leal / ACL / desertfox899 / BinaryVixen899 / Emily Saphira Chance / _EternallyEmily

    He's starting to try and use the Facebook Angle to hide his chins. Also I'm not sure whether his attempts at Blue Steel are more or less autistic than his forced, unnatural smiles.
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    Disaster Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Megathread

    Apparently she's pissed off so many people with the Amazon thing that an actual Republican is going to bother running against her. So assuming the DNC doesn't eliminate her district altogether, their choices are either primarying her themselves (which will be hilarious because she and the...
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    Diseased Trump Derangement Syndrome

    I love all the cries of "Release it to the public so we can read it, chicken Drumpf!" Bitch you're not going to read it. Hell most of you have admitted you don't care what's in the report because you just know he's guilty. You're gonna let the media you know lies to you tell you what's in it...
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    Law Michael Avenatti arrested for alleged $20 million extortion attempt against Nike

    Man sometimes you just have to sit back and marvel at how fucked-up our kludged-together system of rules and regulations is. I mean I get what they were going for with this at the start, but the extent of it has become nonsensical.
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    Culture 'Empire' star Jussie Smollett attacked in possible hate crime

    Kamala Harris and other DNC bigwigs confirmed for involvement.
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    Law Michael Avenatti arrested for alleged $20 million extortion attempt against Nike

    He digs his own grave, and they give him a last look at the sunlight and he immediately uses the opportunity to grab a shovel and start digging deeper.
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    Diseased Trump Derangement Syndrome

    Because it tells them what they want to believe, tells them they're good people for believing it, and that everyone that doesn't believe that isn't even human.
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    Law Justice Ginsburg, 85, hospitalized after fracturing 3 ribs in fall (RGB Death Anticipation Thread)

    Well, they do say deaths come in threes. This week it's been the death of lies. The "Trump colluded with Russia" idea died. The "Avenatti was a righteous hero taking on Trump" meme died. Why not the "RBG is still alive" lie to complete the trio?
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    Disaster Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Megathread

    It was the same for Obama. They had zero idea who he was or what he actually stood for, knew nothing about him, but the idea of Obama they had in their head was what they supported relentlessly and passionately. The idea might have had totally different policies and stances than the real thing...
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    Diseased Trump Derangement Syndrome

    It's been a really really bad week for the anti-Drumpfs and Monday's not even over.
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    Disaster Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Megathread

    Yes, vilifying everyone to the right of Stalin worked so well the last election, just keep it up, bound to be effective one of these times, kiddo.
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    Careercow Andrew Dobson / Tom Preston

    From the start. You were always supposed to use your real name. I think a lot of social media sites actually have that in the TOS but most of them just don't bother to enforce it, mostly because while they want you to do that so they can get more accurate information to sell your shit to people...

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