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    US 15-year-old climate change activist and UConn freshman determined to protect the planet

    Do they grow these worthless cunts in a factory or something? Why the fuck do they all look the same?
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    YouTube rewind 2019

    To anger you.
  3. nosemouth

    Star citizen passes $250 million in crowd funding.

    It wouldn't be very long: $100,000 game development costs $249,900,000 cocaine and hookers
  4. nosemouth

    'Antifa' the Video Game Wants to Teach Gamers About Antifascism

    Yeah, but what did he say about smoking?
  5. nosemouth

    Opinion Nick Fuentes fills Milo’s gap

    She's not required to denounce anything, or further the narrative of the people who hate her.
  6. nosemouth

    NeoGAF & ResetERA

    Don't you mean Boget's Thesaurus?
  7. nosemouth

    Chick-fil-A to stop funding controversial groups after LGBTQ protests

    Maybe you shouldn't post when you're on your period.
  8. nosemouth

    Terminator: Dark Fate

    That old man looks terrible. Also Arnold doesn't look great either.
  9. nosemouth

    battlefield 5 goes full sjw

    Remember the kiwi who idiotically tried to claim that BFV wasn't a horrible failure, despite even EA not taking that stance? Pepperidge Farm remembers.
  10. nosemouth

    Red Letter Media

    This is disappointing on a level I didn't know was possible.
  11. nosemouth

    Nick Rekieta's Weeb Wars videos & livestreams

    Why do I have an erection right now?
  12. nosemouth

    Terminator: Dark Fate

    The stuff with the border patrol is fucking hilarious, it's like it was written by a bunch of Kotaku "journalists." Also the dialogue is complete dogshit.
  13. nosemouth

    US Nancy Pelosi announces impeachment inquiry over President Trump's Ukraine phone call

    If I pay for the gun, will you use it to kill yourself?

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