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    Careercow Narcissa Wright / Cosmo Wright

    I think uploading the vids can be therapeutic, but live streaming? Nah dude, it ain't time for that.
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    Careercow Narcissa Wright / Cosmo Wright

    Cosmo moving back home and being forced to deal with actual human interaction will be the most humbling and painful thing he could possibly deal with and he will 100% be better for it.
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    Careercow Narcissa Wright / Cosmo Wright

    So is it possible that Narci has finally lost the last bit of funds she had and now really has to consider moving back home or at least make some drastic changes? This latest hiatus seems self inflicted and consistent enough to not be another obvious attention grab. The discord is pretty much...
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    Careercow Narcissa Wright / Cosmo Wright

    Cosmo is a form of existential crisis in its purest form. A bad relationship and subsequent loss on the biggest stage of his life really caused him to go tumbling down, and once you are in that pained mindset, and you continue to lose support month after month after month its hard not to keep...
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    DarksydePhil / TheyCallMeDSP / Phil Burnell

    Haven't commented on Phil for nearly a year, came back and noticed that absolutely nothing has changed. This dude has been losing his house for almost three years. That's remarkable. I freak out if I'm late for rent at all.
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    Careercow Narcissa Wright / Cosmo Wright

    Cosmo is pretty much completely faded into obscurity at this point. His streams get like 10 viewers max, he only allows discord chat now not even the audience. He must be surviving on credit and Patreon at this point. And that will slowly dry up as well. I know people are usually the...
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    DSP Show - Former Cast Member Speculation

    Phil is just not good at relationships in general, romantic or platonic. I think that's really the extent of it.
  8. trance4lifeyo

    2018-06-08 - "Pending bad news that I can't talk about right now"

    'Member when early last year he kept denying it was a tax situation when it was 100% a tax situation? I am surprised he has never brought up the state of his condo, but the only way it would be the condo is if he doesn't have insurance on it. I don't think its taxes, I don't think its Panda or...
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    2018-06-06 DSP's YouTube Channel Disappears because his Google Plus account got susp. for spam

    I think this is the first time where something that screwed Phil briefly over is actually more hilarious after the issue has been resolved.
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    Careercow Narcissa Wright / Cosmo Wright

    I mean, the runner was trans. What were they going to say? Personally if they said "he" I think it would have ended up being much, much more awkward and cringe because the runner would clearly be uncomfortable. I mean if you personally found it jarring that's fine, but I don't really think they...
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    Careercow Narcissa Wright / Cosmo Wright

    The likes to dislikes ratio on videos of speed runs done by trans runners is still a little egregious. I mean if it’s an enjoyable and well done run I really could care less who the runner is. Case in point on the video of a Superman 64 run at the latest AGDQ the runner was trans and said...
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    Careercow Narcissa Wright / Cosmo Wright

    This has gotten a little weird... I don't think Cosmo vs Kiwifarms will produce anything really satisfactory on either end. I've never been a fan of the "coming out of nowhere saying I know this person and I can tell you he is a piece of shit but I'm not going to go any further in depth" kinda...
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    Careercow Narcissa Wright / Cosmo Wright

    Clint also has the advantage of being a good looking kid with an alluring personality. Genuine charm is a hard thing to come by in the speed running world. Cosmo had it with his sort of stoner and laid back personality but.. ya know....
  14. trance4lifeyo

    4/1-4/6/2018 - DSP's Birthday Stream

    Yes but it is night and day compared to literally every other game he tries to play.
  15. trance4lifeyo

    4/1-4/6/2018 - DSP's Birthday Stream

    For everything else he is awful at, Phil is actually pretty great at Ultra SF2.

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