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  • bro use fucking firefox. it has a built in right-click -> take screenshot that lets you clip specific articles of the page. I have no idea why you aren't at least cropping shit in Paint.
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    I'll try it, as for paint I'm just fucking lazy at times.
    Just a little tip, if you want to take screenshots and not share your tabs with the rest of us use something like Clip to OneNote. You can either have it clip the whole page or a certain area. It wont clip your tabs.
    Well, now I feel like a bit of a nob. Thanks.
    Anonymus Fluhre
    Anonymus Fluhre
    Also comes in handy if you want to do a thread as you can have your screenshots saved to OneNote. It also only takes up about 50mbs in your browser (press shift+esc to see how much tab you have open and your extensions are using in terms of ram)
    Welcome to America, where we have brand names for everything (and charge for those names) and we'd rather a global finial crisis over fixing our broken healthcare system.

    Oh, you have cancer and can't afford both your mortgage and your cancer treatments? Hope you like being homeless.
    Hi I'm new to KFs and I came across some of your posts and I like them. How are you?
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    Hello I'm fine I suppose, welcome to the farms. Hope you left your morals at the door, you won't need them.
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    I'm not actually amused by your countrymen dying. I just want neg ratings. Hope your loved ones are safe.
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