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Duncan Hills Coffee
Duncan Hills Coffee
Haven't beaten the first game yet, and I haven't played the second one yet (wanna beat 1 first). So I guess 1 by default? I am excited to eventually get to 2 though.
Johnny Bravo
Johnny Bravo
Should I get it on Steam? I've been wanting to forever since I played it as a kid but I've been worried it won't live up to the nostalgia.
Duncan Hills Coffee
Duncan Hills Coffee
I got the original version on GOG back when they sold the Enhanced Edition and the original edition separately. I THINK you can get the original version if you purchase EE, but I'm not sure. It's total bullshit though since OG was $9.99 and EE is $19.99. I first played the game as an adult, and I can tell you it holds up but it's hard as nails. If you can get used to constant save scumming it's totally worth it.

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