Point of No Return

Our community is strong and cohesive, but it is surrounded by people who hate us. This includes some criminals, well-funded organizations, and even governments which would take opportunities to intimidate our userbase.

While we encourage anyone to join, it is strongly suggested you read our Cybersecurity 101 thread for tips on how to exercise your speech safely both on and off this website.

There are some rules on conduct, but none on which words you are allowed to use. Minors are not allowed on this website.

Before registering, understand:

  • You should use a username that does not link to my personal identity.
  • You should use a real alter-ego email address you can use to recover your account later, but not one you've used on other sites tied to your identity. Try searching it and see what turns up!
  • You should not access this website from public networks or from speech-hostile nations without a VPN or Tor.

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