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  1. Glaive

    Official Kiwifarms 2016 USA Mock Election

    Title says it all. Only options for our mock election will be Sanders or Trump, otherwise we'd all probably write-in @TrippinKahlua Only catch is that you will actually need to vote in order to view the poll results. It's down to :trump: VS. :suck: Who will it be Kiwis?
  2. Glaive

    Mr.Robot Thread

    OKAY So I'm pretty picky about starting new series and such, but after getting recommended Mr.Robot by literally half a dozen different people I gave in. Focus is on computer and network security and it refreshingly stands out from past 'hacker flicks' coated in green text command prompts...
  3. Glaive

    Feedback Unwritten Rule on Ignoring ED Associated Users

    Hey, just wanted to throw down some thoughts here un-anonymously and point out some echoed responses to this subject matter. Doing this in Feedback rather than in Supporters or among staff because I feel like it's something we could all pitch in on. I feel like some of the users who migrated...
  4. Glaive

    Lolcow UncleSamPatriot / Pekka Luodeslampi / Y-Man

    About time that UncleSamPatriot got a thread here. Real Name: Pekka Luodeslampi Facebook: Twitter: Main Channel: For those unfamiliar with him, he's a...
  5. Glaive

    Ghost Producing - GamerGate of the Music Production World

    SO, ethics in the electronic music industry. A lot of electronic music fans are becoming more and more aware of a trend called "Ghost Producing". If you haven't heard of it before, it's very similar to the concept of Ghost Writing in the rap industry. Which is where a rapper will hire an...
  6. Glaive

    Glaive Goes Full Weeb: The Japan Trip Thread

    h, SO, this June I'll be taking a vacation to glorious Nippon! It's been on the top of my to-do list for several years now and I feel old enough to actually appreciate such a massive trip fully. Also meaning I'm interested in doing a variety of activities and taking sightseeing opportunities...
  7. Glaive

    The Grateful Thread

    There seems to be a lot of coping going on, so I thought having a 'grateful thread' would be a healthy way to balance that out. Feel free to format your thankfulness however you want. Whether it be something recent you want to mention your appreciation for, or just going through some general...
  8. Glaive

    Kiwi High: The Thread

    Let's see...this year it looks like my class schedule is going to be Period 1: Anarchy 101 with Professor Andrews Period 2: Law with Professor Chandler Period 3: Physical Ed with Coach Connors Lunch Break with Fatman AUGH YEAH Period 4: Caving with Professor Stiles Period 5: Sex Ed with...
  9. Glaive

    u kno who da fuck it is Tyce rallies McDonald's army, plans to siege Area 51 on Christmas night and rescue captive skeletons

    Today Tyce has recruited me into the Skellington Army assuming my mask was some type of quote "skelly pride" I guess it is sorta skellington looking. But now he's direct messaging me all these race war plans for an Area51 raid. I'm just going to roll with it. The raid is planned for Christmas...
  10. Glaive

    Songs That Give You Feels

    In this thread please share songs that give you feels (:_(
  11. Glaive

    Sir Newton Feelsaac

    How could Newtons third law always be true? I keep pushing myself away into isolation but no one seems to want to pull me back.
  12. Glaive

    Anyone know that feel?

    I invite everyone and anyone to feel some feels in this subforum Rules: 1. Feel
  13. Glaive


  14. Glaive

    Twas The Night Before Livesteam (Deagle Nation Poetry)

    So I randomly decided to write a poem about Jace. It's a slightly shorter version of Twas the Night Before Christmas, and it seemed to work out nicely with keeping some of the lines and premise similar. Enjoy. Twas The Night Before Livesteam By: Glaive Twas the night before livestream, when...
  15. Glaive

    Skitzocow Smiley / Fringe Wizard (Kenneth Schueler) and Fringechan

    Think it is about time I introduce the CWCki to a bit of a golden cow that I've been keeping to myself for a while. He goes by the alias Smiley or 'Fringe Wizard' and runs an imageboard website called Fringechan which can be found here: Now, despite being...
  16. Glaive

    Wizardchan Admin FAQ

    Morning CWCki, I've been putting off making this thread for a while as I thought CWCki users were actually doing a nice job of following a sort of "look but don't touch" approach. In the sense that you were observing Wizardchan threads and activity without intentionally provoking or baiting...

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