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  1. JY's Tampon

    Today is National Period Day

    Plenty of troons claiming men have periods and men dressed as women claiming they get periods.
  2. JY's Tampon

    Donald Smith vs Jonathan Yaniv

    I think it's time for Donald Smith to have his own Orbiter thread. Everything Donald should be dumped here Thanks to @cloneconspiracy we found that Jonathan has threatened legal action against Donald. By threatening legal action Jonathon utilized his Legal Shield account to send a letter to...
  3. JY's Tampon

    Jonathan looking for a gymnast 13 to 19 UPDATE: His friend.
  4. JY's Tampon

    8-30-19: "My racism was a social experiment"

    He's live now on Periscope. What a tard. BTW his body type from this and the pool locker room pic is a bird with no feathers. Little chicken wings and legs and an obese body.
  5. JY's Tampon

    Article 8-19-19: New Anna Slatz article in The Post Millennial

    Anna Slatz finally released her article.
  6. JY's Tampon

    Democratic Socialists of America National Convention

    Welcome to the 2019 DSA National Convention. I saw these floating around on Twitter. Not sure where to post but for those motivated go getters James Jackson Jr. has a ton of Lolcow potential. I've got the whole 2 hour video. The first 5 minutes are great...
  7. JY's Tampon

    Yaniv and Jason Jones - Best Friends Forever!

    On August 1st Jonathan attended an event featuring Jason Jones an posted this picture claiming that Jones knew of Yaniv and their activism. From:Wikepedia [/SPOILER] UPDATED SPOILER: More fall out. UPDATED SPOILER 2 UPDATED SPOILER 3: Jones is ready to fight.
  8. JY's Tampon

    The Lies of Jonathan Yaniv

    This thread will focus on the lies and contradictions that Jonathan is constantly spouting off on social media, in interviews, and during the BCHRT case. Given the fact that Jonathan is constantly lying in one way or another this thread shouldn't be short of content. In October 2018 Jonathan...
  9. JY's Tampon

    Greatest Hits
  10. JY's Tampon

    Lolcows posting on their own thread

    I've only been on the farms for a few months so I'm not sure how often this has happened but I think I may be witnessing it now. What are some prime examples? What are some giveaways?

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