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  1. Larry Anon

    Culture Lena Dunham Surprises Brad Pitt with a KISS I fucking love the double standards in our society. Literally everyone in the media is screaming, "You go girl!! Slay Queen!!!"
  2. Larry Anon

    Ricky Gervais VS Jessica Yaniv on Twitter

    Ricky Gervais has been nonstop tweeting about Yaniv over the past several days. Gervais is one of the few people who is powerful enough to escape the ban hammer for criticizing trans people. Archive Ricky's tweets in this thread. Articles...
  3. Larry Anon

    Disaster Florida health officials warn of rabies in Disney World's Epcot theme park LOL, holy shit. This just isn't Disney's week. I wonder if this explains the brawl? Would any of you be interested in going to Disney World during an official Rabies Warning from the government?

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