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  • I am killing the Proving Grounds board in a week, unless someone has an idea to make it work. (Thread) (Update 1)
  1. Sexy Senior Citizen

    Beacon Hill bill would ban the B-Word

    Edited to add the link. *** A bill to criminalize the B-word — the term for a female dog that is commonly used to slander women — is up for a hearing Tuesday on Beacon Hill in what one critic calls “patently unconstitutional” and the latest political correctness push from the “word police.” The...
  2. Sexy Senior Citizen

    Write a coherent story with random.txt

    What it says on the title. The story can be of any length. However, any and all lines- narrative or otherwise- have to come from the random.txt. If you don't know what that is, it's the weird quotes under the search bar in the top right. I'll start:
  3. Sexy Senior Citizen

    Do plants have something to say?

    I think I just found a new lolcow. I would've posted this in the clickbait section, but I found it on the New York freakin' Times...
  4. Sexy Senior Citizen

    Is it Ad Hominem when you are the topic being argued?

    An ad hominem argument, for the uninitiated, is when you attack the person making an argument rather than the argument itself. For example: Person A: I support Hillary because she's a seasoned politician with a proven track record. Person B: Nuh-uh, you only support her because you're a...
  5. Sexy Senior Citizen

    Fake Copies of Washington Post handed out in DC

    Source 4Chan prank? Trump Derangement Syndrome at its finest? Something else? You be the judge.

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