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  • The End of Proving Grounds: (Thread) (Update) (Last Call in PG)
    I've enabled GIF avatars across the site again. Don't make me regret this.
  1. TheghostofAlfred

    My personal lolcows

    Damn it this is boring. J as I'll call him for now hasn't offed himself is partying like crazy. And supposed to be declaring bankruptcy. K. My friend is trying to pull a gay ops on him because she thinks i want to steal her man. K. Is rich but insidiously jealous of me. J. Is pyschopathic...
  2. TheghostofAlfred

    Has anyone read pamela aka virtue rewarded?

    I'm bored so I'm reading pamela... Has anyone else read it? I read shamela I also read justine and julliet. The 1700s were dank times.
  3. TheghostofAlfred

    I think sockness might be demon possessed

    Okay so going through socknesses personal reddit shrine to chris I noticed in one post he did blood magick I also noticed his set up is fucking wrong. Even if your an angsty teeneager you don't cast spells w/o a circle and you don't give your blood as an offering. Its no fucking wonder he's...
  4. TheghostofAlfred

    So when do you think this merge is gonna end?

    So do you think this merge is gonna keep going on and on forever?
  5. TheghostofAlfred

    Autism in the Er

    So I work in general the health care field and for a brief stint I did work in the er in america before fucking off to south korea and help in the troonery/plastic surgery field. Note: Alot of people go to south korea for the cost. Its amazingly inexpensive to get your operation as in korean...
  6. TheghostofAlfred

    Bought a dark web mystery box

    I was bored and had some cash to spare so I bought a darkweb mystery and got a laptop and other sealed things. No murder items or drugs. everyting was factory sealed. Should I be concerned?
  7. TheghostofAlfred

    I want officially apologise for getting triggered

    To all users involved in the sockness visitation thread; I am sorry if to you I acted like a butthurt bitch. Yesterday was a rough day. I just wanted to apologize as I felt like I was being rude. My tits are calm and my cup has runneth over. Have a good day kiwis!
  8. TheghostofAlfred

    Has anyone did a thread on niggas in space/totse?

    I'm just curious but has anyone researched a forum called niggas in space. Because its my favorite haunts. Its so jarring that you can hypothetically learn how to do drugs or commit crimes or grow shrooms or make bombs. The fact its on the open no tor required is jarring and theres this one user...
  9. TheghostofAlfred

    Water fasting

    I have only gone a week though wonder if any else has done it..i used to be fit but depression has taken its toll so Im going back to tried and true methods.
  10. TheghostofAlfred

    Can anyone help me write an op?

    Hi Im new but wanted to post a lol cow thread. This isnt about personal revenge or creating an autist army but its a treasure trove of autism and as well a real deal documentation of maddness. Im currently trying to gather as much info as possible to set the scene but I have to omit details...
  11. TheghostofAlfred


    Just wanted to introduce myself

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