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  1. Sevatonius

    What is Seattle like?

    thanks. For some reason the usual method wasn't working.
  2. Sevatonius

    Cloudflare: "Terminating Service for 8Chan"

    Jim is a douche, but this was well earned. Jail is a bit much, but a fine and a slap on the dick would suffice.
  3. Sevatonius

    Soundtracks that are better than the movie.

    The Social Network. That movie could have been a 2 hour plus snorefest about an autist in a mediation meeting played by fucking Jesse Eisenberg. Ross and Reznor made it intriguing and tense.
  4. Sevatonius

    What are you listening to right now?

  5. Sevatonius

    What's the worst song you've ever heard?

    More songs that irk me >Be the Red Hot Chili Peppers >Write a buttload of buttrock music >Lose a member to heroin addiction >Write a surprisingly sensitive tribute song to him >A few years later this abomination is spawned. And then it happened to Gordan Lightfoot as well. A song about his...
  6. Sevatonius

    What's the worst song you've ever heard?

    Two come to mind. First one that comes to mind is this song this guy in high school tried to impress me with. I had a few drinks in me and it wasn't sitting right, and all of a sudden "hey listen to this!" Like, I was going to be digging Thrash Metal just because I liked Industrial. Second...
  7. Sevatonius

    NHL season thread

    yay, another season of having my heart broken by the Canucks has arrived. Feels bad man.
  8. Sevatonius

    What are you listening to right now?

  9. Sevatonius

    Horrorcow Zoe Quinn / Chelsea Van Valkenburg / Locke Valentine / @UnburntWitch / @Primeape / CrashOverride / Hat Box / Old Uncle Anime

    She's killed comic book companies and video games, but it wasn't ever enough. Now she has blood on her hands.
  10. Sevatonius

    Unpopular opinions about food

    Kraft singles, Valvetta and any other brand of "American Cheese." are the most insidious food creations Boomers have thrust onto the world. North American white bread might as well be cake. (especially major brands) People who don't keep Spaghetti sauces simple. Every fucking Aussie I know...
  11. Sevatonius

    2019-08-29 - The LEGO Group: Unauthorized Use of the LEGO Group Intellectual Property - [Case #652509]

    Don't want to mess with LEGO man, they'll hire a guy to shadow you and drop lego pieces wherever you walk barefooted.
  12. Sevatonius

    Monica Rial / Monica Jean Rial / Rialisms & Ron Toye / Ronald Toye III / rontoye3

    Peace be upon you, Imam Cuckslayer
  13. Sevatonius

    Monica Rial / Monica Jean Rial / Rialisms & Ron Toye / Ronald Toye III / rontoye3

    The male feminist is the most insidious creation of the 21st century. They can abuse a woman, and the woman is convinced that it is something wrong with her, because he's not a misogynist, he champions women. He clearly has a reason to treat her like shit.
  14. Sevatonius

    Nick Rekieta's Weeb Wars videos & livestreams

    if you aren't blocked by Monica, send her links to a woman's shelter near her. Not trolling, she might need real help from that 90 pound sack of soy shit.
  15. Sevatonius

    Nick Rekieta's Weeb Wars videos & livestreams

    So.. I guess wearing a wife beater to court as a intimidation tactic makes a whole lot of sense, but it wasn't directed to the opposing council... S H E E P D O G
  16. Sevatonius

    Songs That Give You Feels

    I fell down the Nick Cave rabbit hole hard recently. Especially The Skeleton Tree. It's a grim glance into the mind of a father grieving for his son. It feels wrong to listen to it, but I can't stop.
  17. Sevatonius

    What are you listening to right now?

  18. Sevatonius

    Who is the least fuckable Lolcow?

    Law twitter and the KickVic pact. They'll like it, then wait 6 years when it's advantageous to them to ruin your life.

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