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  1. Manwithn0n0men

    Is this the greatest Thanksgiving Television moment? What is on your Thanksgiving watch list
  2. Manwithn0n0men

    Death of the Weebs?

    So Glorious Nippon is having a baby bust and more and more people are getting older and older. This will eventually hamper the Animu and Mangu industries. Can the Anime/Manga/Kaiju/Etc brands transform into truly global brands without ruining what makes them Weeb content?
  3. Manwithn0n0men

    Illegal Immigration

    So I am more neutral on the whole Illegal immigration thing then most center right people [and I am sick of it as a political/cultural problem] The Wall at best slows the problem down. # 1 Latin America is sending us our trash/using us as a pressure release valve (Europeans replace Latin...
  4. Manwithn0n0men

    Perfect Life

    If you could win 100% of the time All of the time in your life what would it look like?
  5. Manwithn0n0men

    Elizabeth Banks on Charlie's Angels reboot criticism: 'You've had 37 Spider-Man movies' This movie was actually a candidate for one of my 10 worst of the year
  6. Manwithn0n0men

    ITT: We make TV shows

    "Pod People" Two guys living in a horrible loser dorm apartment in San Fran. One writes Loser clickbait woke articles [and does a youtube show]. The other is a Right-Wing E Celeb/activist/game streamer who chooses to live in trash to sell it to his right wing audience "Look how awful all of...
  7. Manwithn0n0men

    The Love-It-or-Hate-It Trick of ‘Jojo Rabbit’ (Column) It isn’t rare to see a love-it-or-hate-it movie; every awards season...
  8. Manwithn0n0men

    "Brewster Billions"

    There was a great movie with Richard Prior in it Called Brewsters Millions. It had a neat premise so I want to update the premise: You have 1 week to spend 40 Million $ US You then have one month to spend 400 Million Dollars US You may not own any assets or gain any income you cannot destroy...
  9. Manwithn0n0men

    Supersize Me 2

    Did anyone else watch alleged rapist Morgan Sperlock's attempt to further embarrass himself?
  10. Manwithn0n0men

    Peace Talks is going to the Printers

    So if your a fan of Dresden Files Jim Butcher has avoided becoming GRRM But the bigger question is has the delay chilled out the fandom? And will Dangerhaired Weirdos amp up their attacks on Butcher?
  11. Manwithn0n0men

    Whedon or Rowling: Who is the bigger cancer?

    Who has harmed pop culture and likely human culture more?
  12. Manwithn0n0men

    How to handle exceptional individuals?

    At what point do you unfollow/unfriend some one who has turned into a Cow?
  13. Manwithn0n0men

    The Patriachy

    The concept of the Patriachy in Social and Political Sciences is a conspiracy theory that has been disproven numerous times. Why do people act like you are insane when you tell them that?
  14. Manwithn0n0men

    Have you ever experienced Anti-Nostalgia

    You go back and are exposed to something you had a deep love for, and previously deep nostalgia for and then realize "Wow...I am having an anti-nostalgic feeling."
  15. Manwithn0n0men

    Election 2024

    I was reading some of the latest turmoil going on in Election 2020 and something big hit me "If the Dems lose against Trump in 2020 who do they have to go against Pence [or whomever] in 2024?"

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