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  1. Xarpho

    The Attempted Corporate Takeover of .Org

    Obama sold out ICANN in his second term. Where was the whining about the Internet being "spoiled" then?
  2. Xarpho

    Happy meals were the original Gatcha

    That was a straight-up scam, they stopped doing it for years because it turns out during most of the 1990s someone at the marketing company that ran it was stealing all the winning pieces and selling them to others for a cut. But most of the similar games (including the Albertsons/Safeway...
  3. Xarpho

    My Hero Academia

    Unfortunately, there's no good clip of it on the Internet, the best I can get is this recorded-from-the-TV version on YouTube but it was in the subbed version too. It was a bit surreal seeing it in theaters because up to this point, no IRL brands (or even obvious parodies) had ever occurred in MHA.
  4. Xarpho

    My Hero Academia

    The wars already happened, apparently. Perhaps the reason why the Quirk percentage is so high that the mutants killed off a lot of the humans. Most of this has already been explained in the anime, but the last thing the anime needs more of is tons of backstory.
  5. Xarpho

    My Hero Academia

    Anyone interested in Tsuyu should've known she wasn't going to be much of a character anymore when she was sidelined in the Two Heroes movie and reduced to starring in a 15-second Uno commercial.
  6. Xarpho

    My Hero Academia

    It was briefly discussed in the anime that there was some sort of war among the humans and, well, mutants that led to society being stunted as a whole, leaving the "future" looking very much like modern day Japan. Of course, there's still issues as to how people started developing this "quirks"...
  7. Xarpho

    Confederate Officially Axed: HBO Confirms Controversial Slavery Drama From Game of Thrones EPs Is Dead

    It all depends on how they would play it. Basically, the only "realistic" way I could see it working is some sort of state-sponsored "underclass" that would do the menial labor in society (ditchdigging, dishwashing, Walmart greeter, etc.) but essentially that's what has happened anyway due to...
  8. Xarpho

    Was ABC's 1987 miniseries AMERIKA a 14 hour $40 million shitpost?

    So, basically a particularly shitty Netflix Original. Nothing to see here.
  9. Xarpho

    Dox yourself

    Carlton Malvid 401 Tucker Street Maltese, TX 77414 Cell: 605-475-6968 DOB: 3/4/1994
  10. Xarpho

    Pictures on the Internet that have made you laugh hysterically

    The fact that Mr. Ratburn was confirmed to be gay canonically makes this ten times funnier.
  11. Xarpho

    Pictures on the Internet that have made you laugh hysterically

    I thought it was "Throbbin' Robin"
  12. Xarpho

    Why do certain people act as if "punching down" is an intrinsically bad thing?

    If the whole "punching down" is an intrinsically bad thing, then shouldn't it matter who's actually doing it? In that world, it would be wrong of the elitist West Coast types to mock working-class whites in flyover country while working-class whites in flyover country can mock elitist West Coast...
  13. Xarpho

    Hitler was a socialist

    Hitler did have many socialist programs (including welfare for single mothers). The reason why no one likes to talk about it is this socialism tended to be very ethnocentric and anyone that wasn't part of the "pure Aryan" club was basically told to fuck off. As modern-day socialists tend to...
  14. Xarpho

    Can we get a section for the Opie and Anthony community refugees?

    My take is that they should not get their own forum straight off. They get one thread, Kiwi moderation. If that turns out to be unmanageable, then they get their own forum, and in a fairly orderly fashion—I'm pretty sure Null doesn't want a repeat of the Amberlynn situation.
  15. Xarpho

    Amberlynn - a year in review

    I only discovered Amberlynn this year. I vaguely remembered that the board was set up as a containment zone but the board was a garbage heap because no one was making sticky threads or filtering out posts. When Null did a stream on Amberlynn, I listened to most of it on a long 3+ hour drive into...
  16. Xarpho

    Your personal nightmare pizza

    A few years ago, I had a pizza from a brewpub that put honey on it as part of its ingredients. It wasn't all bad...but the rest of the pizza was (with good sauce, crust, cheese, etc.) Botch at least one of those (for instance, in the last two years or so, a "cauliflower crust" trend has raised...
  17. Xarpho

    Internet “hate fads” that got old fast

    That may have been true in the first few years of AVGN but as early as 2011 (when many of the copycats were still fairly strong) it was clear he was playing games not from his childhood (likely bought second hand) without even a rudimentary read on Wikipedia about it, if that. I know I've ragged...
  18. Xarpho

    [Dec 15 2019] Foreclosure Saga

    Phil's main problem is the same as anyone with even decent careers--he spent well beyond his means, and had no long-range plans (expanding his brand, making good investments, etc.). Phil is actually miles above most of the other "content creators" in the fact he actually realizes this thing is a...
  19. Xarpho

    Boogie / Boogie2988 / "Francis" / Steven Jason Williams

    From what I know of Dick and Maddox's history, neither wanted to ruin each other, but from Dick's point of view, cracks were being created even during the "good" times, like how Spike TV wanted to make a full TV show with Dick and Maddox but Maddox turned it down because he wanted to copyright...
  20. Xarpho

    Star Wars Griefing Thread (RISE OF THE SKYWALKER SPOILERS)

    None of them. They'll restructure Lucasfilm as some sort of licensing company, and get rid of everyone else. This would all come at the same time the inevitable "streamlining" of 21st Century Fox and its subsidiaries. If Spies in Disguise underperforms, it's curtains for Blue Sky Studios as well.

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