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  1. Dom Cruise


    Bingo, bango, bongo!
  2. Dom Cruise

    Late 90's Gaming Ideas

    You must not have been paying very close attention because Silent Hill 2 and Metal Gear Solid 2 we’re clearly a cut above what the Dreamcast could do and those were fall of 2001.
  3. Dom Cruise

    I haven’t played my Nintendo Switch in almost two years.

    Yup, it's been coming up on two years since I've played it as well. Thing is, Breath of The Wild and Super Mario Odyssey were worth the price of admission alone, but there are other games that I want to play either out now or coming soon and I'm simply waiting until there's enough I can play...
  4. Dom Cruise

    Star Wars Griefing Thread (RISE OF THE SKYWALKER SPOILERS)

    Jurassic Park is to me what Star Wars is to you guys and honestly, I don't hate the World movies. Yes, they are flawed and I wish that they were better, but they don't piss me off, they don't disrespect the old movies the way Disney Wars does. Of course I still consider them to be "soft canon"...
  5. Dom Cruise

    Random Pics and Gifs

    I love you Corona-chan!
  6. Dom Cruise

    Resident Evil

    Man, RE3 Remake looks fucking awesome, I can't wait. DOA was just never the same after Itagaki's departure.
  7. Dom Cruise

    Star Wars Griefing Thread (RISE OF THE SKYWALKER SPOILERS)

    This may be common by now but I noticed that Rise of Skywalker is gone from my local theater.
  8. Dom Cruise

    The Super Best Friends Super Best Thread

    Controversial hot take coming through, but I enjoy Matt's videos. They aren't GREAT but he's the only one I currently still watch, it's been nostalgic seeing him play forgotten 7th gen games. It's sad though that the break up was only a bad thing and they're all just shadows of their former...
  9. Dom Cruise

    Should we be less open about mental illness?

    That's what it comes down to, it's simply not an excuse for bad behavior. I have a cousin who is bipolar who I haven't spoken to in coming up on 8 years due to mistreatment of me and from what I've learned from speaking with another cousin who's interacted with them after I did they still...
  10. Dom Cruise

    How do you feel about lgbt people?

    It's actually funny how humans can make a cult out of anything, like John Frum and the cargo cults in the Pacific ocean who worship the US military due to encounters during WW2. It's also hilariously ironic in the context of American culture how for so many decades LGBT people got flak from the...
  11. Dom Cruise

    Will the 2020s be better?

    That is what it comes down to is it's best to simply not give them what they want. Because you're right, SJWs were already gaining a lot of steam under Obama.
  12. Dom Cruise

    Is it time the all-white period drama was made extinct?

    These lunatics honestly believe their bullshit is historically accurate and isn't creepy Orwellian rewriting of history? Incredible. It also reminds me of this.
  13. Dom Cruise

    Circlejerks that get old

    What's sad is I always kinda knew the corporate sites like Facebook were going to ruin the internet, I just didn't expect it to happen so quickly. The internet's golden age only lasted about a decade.
  14. Dom Cruise

    Random Pics and Gifs

  15. Dom Cruise

    Will the 2020s be better?

    Tell me about it, I miss the days when it didn't seem like everything was flying off the rails as well. I know what you mean, I like Trump and think he's getting treated unfairly, but the temptation is nevertheless there to vote him out simply because the climate under him is so toxic and it's...
  16. Dom Cruise

    Random Pics and Gifs

    Aria of Sorrow is one of my all time favorite games.
  17. Dom Cruise

    Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Rifftrax

    Oh yeah, that's right. Well, I guess that makes it ok for me to say then that MTS3K without any input from Mike Nelson just seems like a pale imitation.
  18. Dom Cruise

    Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Rifftrax

    It's too bad because to be honest Mike era episodes were the only ones I saw as a kid and for all I knew at the time he was the only one to ever host it. While I've since learned to appreciate Joel I still heavily associate Mike with MST3K.
  19. Dom Cruise

    Circlejerks that get old

    It's hilarious how obvious it is and yet when you call them out on it they just don't give a shit, your existence as an "incel" invalidates whatever you say no matter how logically airtight.
  20. Dom Cruise

    Has Social Justice supplanted Religion?

    It is, it's filling the vacuum left by a secular society. Human beings want their lives to have meaning, whether atheists are right or wrong most people will not be able to live their lives as if life is just a random, meaningless accident.

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