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  1. Rice Is Ready

    Skitzocow Bryan Tew / Targeted Individual / Skitzo Jason Bourne

    Bryan Tew is a self proclaimed whistleblower and "targeted individual" (TI), a purported victim of "gang stalking" and direct energy attacks causing gay fantasies and "heart fluttering". This is Bryan Tew "MY HEART THEY'RE TARGETING MY HEART!" Bryan believes it is the US government...
  2. Rice Is Ready

    Times you were ripped off/scammed

    Share stories where you were swindled from your money online and offline.
  3. Rice Is Ready

    Post your favorite ED article
  4. Rice Is Ready

    Owen Benjamin Smith / Big Bear

    If you don't feel like reading there's a documentary about Owen you can watch. Owen Benjamin is a 39 year old flat Earth enthusiast "comedian" and actor who was in such timeless classics such as Jack N' Jill (2011) and believes the moon (which we can see every...
  5. Rice Is Ready

    Name the new Hostess Brownies mascot! We must get them to name him/her Jeffery Epstein.
  6. Rice Is Ready

    Trashfire 4chan /r9k/ poster kills fembot (Brandon Andrew Clark, Bianca Michelle Devins "Oxychan")

    Her name was Bianca Michelle Devins but was known on 4chan as Oxychan. /r9k/ thread about it Here's the killer's (Brandon Andrew Clark) Instagram
  7. Rice Is Ready

    Tommy Robinson to Request Emergency Political Asylum in the United States

    What do you think my fellow Americans? Would you welcome him? Even though he's a big zionist I say let him in because I enjoy watching him punch degenerates.
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    You're a white girl

    What happened to that amazing song that was here two days ago? I can't find it on YouTube and it's stuck in my head.