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  1. The Dude

    RC Cars and Other Hobbies We Have

    So I thought we could start a thread where we share some of our hobbies. It can be anything that we do as a past time that we are passionate about. As for me, I've got quite a few hobbies, such as firearms, camping, ATVs, model trains...but I'm going to focus on radio controlled cars for this...
  2. The Dude

    Crystal Pepsi returns to stores August 8th.

    On August 8th Crystal Pepsi will return to store shelves nationwide for a limited time. After 23 years and after several petitions Pepsi will re-release the original clear cola. I can't tell you how excited I am for this. I'm normally a Coca-Cola drinker, but I loved Crystal Pepsi when it was...
  3. The Dude

    Well, I bought a jukebox. Recommend some music to put in it.

    Today I bought a Rock-Ola 460 jukebox. It has been a lifelong dream of mine to own a jukebox. In fact, I grew up with a Rock-Ola juke very much like this one at one of my favorite places to hangout with my friends. Mine needs a little work done to get it running, which the repair guy says...
  4. The Dude

    Phil and the Forums

    We know that Philthy has a seething hate for our beloved Kiwi Farms and he is obviously coming here to read what we say, but to what extent and how often? Is the Diabetic Dickgirl coming here daily? Hourly? Do you think he is reading every thread? Every post? Why do you think he's coming to a...
  5. The Dude

    Bus Trip and "Operation Greyhound"

    Phil has confirmed that he will be traveling via Greyhound bus back home to Philadelphia, departing on 28 July. Depending on what time his slum-on-wheels departs, he should be arriving for a stopover in Salt Lake City sometime between late on the 28th and late the 29th, possibly the 30th of...
  6. The Dude

    Advanced Warfare on Xbox One

    Is anyone playing this? I've got it and I'm looking for more people to play with. If you've got Xbox One and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and want to add me to your friends list please PM me your gamer tag and I'll add you.
  7. The Dude

    Fuck Yeah Deagles Classics (gun sperging allowed in this thread)

    I've been perusing Jace's Tumblr today, going back to some old school Jace content. It gave me a headache. I thought it would be nice (read: masochistic) for us to share some of our favorite posts from Our Pet Marine's blog.
  8. The Dude

    Places you dream of going.

    Everyone has some place or places they dream of visiting. Lets take some time to discuss them. For me, I've never had much desire to travel abroad until just recently, like the past two years or so. Mrs. Dude has been to many more places than I have, such as Hong Kong, mainland China, Mongolia...
  9. The Dude

    Some photos of my 2-day family vacation.

    The Dude family took a little trip down to the Bryce Canyon National Park/Coral Pink Sand Dunes are this week. We had a great time despite my right ankle being all buggered. I got some nice photos and wanted to share. Please feel free to comment or critique my photos. My...
  10. The Dude

    Just bought a HEXBAWX ONE and Titanfall

    Anyone else playing Titanfall on the XBOne? Anyone want to be on my friends list can feel free to PM me their gamertag.
  11. The Dude

    CWCki artist request

    I'm asking for any and all CWCki artists to draw a new avatar for me. Please and thank you.
  12. The Dude

    In a little over an hour I have to say goodbye to my best friend.

    My dachshund Rocky has to be put to sleep. He's not eating or drinking. His health has gone downhill fast. He's old and It's time to say goodbye. He had a good life and was as loyal as anyone could hope for.
  13. The Dude

    Lament: They Just Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To

    I've been feeling a bit nostalgic lately and how things just aren't made like they used to. We're going to use cars for my lament. Back when our parents and grandparents were kids they built cars to last. From the mid Forties to the Early Seventies cars were built to last, and you could fix...
  14. The Dude

    Thinking about getting a motorcycle. Opinions wanted.

    So I've been thinking about getting a bike and I'm having trouble deciding what kind. I'm probably going to get either a cruiser or a naked sport bike. The bikes I'm considering are the Harley Fat Bob, Harley V-Rod Muscle, Victory Gunner, Victory Highball, the Moto Guzzi California Custom, Moto...
  15. The Dude

    The camping and other outdoors thread

    This is the thread where we discuss camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, ATVs, and other outdoorsy activities. I enjoy them all. Mrs. Dude and I are planning on going on a camping trip soon, just the two of us. We've got this nice Kirkhams springbar tent that we bought last year and have yet to...
  16. The Dude

    Punk thread

    Post up punk stuff.
  17. The Dude

    The Zombie Survival thread.

    I did a search and haven't seen anything dedicated to this discussion. I've always thought it was a fun topic. Lets talk about tips, tactics, weapons, and gear that would be useful for zombie survival. My suggestions for a primary weapon in Zombie Survival/SHTF is something chambered in...
  18. The Dude

    Mrs. Dude and I are going to start trying to get pregnant.

    The Dude family has decided it's time for a second ankle biter. We both have fertility problems, so getting pregnant a second time has proven difficult. Our first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage on my birthday in 2006. January 2008, the week we moved into a new rental house, and Mrs. Dude was...
  19. The Dude

    The Offical Paintball Thread

    Anyone else into paintball? I'm looking to get back into the sport. I need something to get active again. Got my eye on the DYE DAM marker. Looks like a pretty sweet marker. Empire has one I'm into as well. I'm mostly into woodsball and scenario games.
  20. The Dude

    Why did the ParkourDude thread get locked?

    What did I miss and will it be reopened?

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