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  1. Sammy

    $ KodakCoin

    Announced just today so details are still pretty light, but American imaging technology company The Eastman Kodak Company is throwing its hat into the blockchain ring in three extremely surprising ways. The first is a new CryptoCurrency, the KodakCoin. KodakCoin is tied directly to the second...
  2. Sammy

    FIGGIN Photoshop Contest - Phil's Tranny March

    Phil's recent press attention gave us a gem of a portrait. Seeing as I'd hate for it to go to waste, and for some fun I figured we could host a short Photoshop contest here. If this belongs somewhere else like the Crustpunk subforum I'm sure the mods'll see it to it's proper home. The source...
  3. Sammy

    Let's Sperg Lets Sperg: XCOM Enemy Unknown

    This is my first attempt at a lets playsperg, so I'll be feeling out how best to do this. XCOM: Enemy Unknown was released in 2012. A remake of the game XCOM: UFO Defense (or UFO: Enemy Unknown if you're not 'MURICAN) from 1994. One of the few remake games that was truly faithful to the...
  4. Sammy

    Minor Suggestion During the Annual Christmas Charity Drives

    Saw this image in a thread earlier, and thought it should be used during the annual charity drives, it pretty much sums up the attitude around here. Mostly put it here because I'm too slow in da mind to remember to post it in 6 months when its relevant.
  5. Sammy

    What to do with the Deagle Nation Subforum

    Well, now that we've all been let off Mr. Bones' Wild Ride, we have to have this discussion. Everyone's still a little shocked, so lets keep it simple for now, lets list options: NEW OPTIONS BASED ON FEEDBACK SO FAR: 1) Deagle Nation is dead. Nothing is deleted, but with Deagle Nation...
  6. Sammy

    Suggestion (actually begging request): make this piece of music play on Marjan's thread all the time

    I mean at least for a week or a day or something. In a header at the top of the page, either hidden/embeded, or maybe with a button so people can stop playing it if it gets annoying (maybe Marjan can't see this button? Probably too much work for all that)
  7. Sammy

    M♥♥T retires

    Apparently moot has decided to step down from his administration responsibilities of 4chan and retire.
  8. Sammy

    Bitcoin Op

    With Jace proposing to start up a Bitcoin Operation, I wanted to have a conversation about that, knowing little about bitcoins myself. I already asked about it some in the Christmas Deagle Nation Fundraiser thread, but I figured I'd move the conversation to another thread going into bitcoins in...
  9. Sammy


    You know who else is in contact with every single person trolling Jace? Jace. DeagleDad420 confirmed to be Jace on his meds. How else would he be spying on our coms and be able to answer all of our inane questions we could have answered ourselves by reading a post 3 pages ago or listening...
  10. Sammy

    Jace's Dad?

    Ronald Raygun mentioned this earlier, just making a record of it so I can read it later not on my phone. Figured I'd post it on the forums so others can read it too. Personally not sure if legit, but I don't see a reason yet to disbelieve it either...
  11. Sammy

    Video Archery with ParkourDude91

  12. Sammy

    Destiny Alpha

    Anyone else in and playing at the moment?
  13. Sammy

    What if Chris set himself up a Patreon page?

    While on the twitter, I stumbled upon this link, and it instantly made me think of Chris. http : // www dot patreon dot com / coolblue I kinda wonder too, what would happen, in an alternative universe, if Chris tried to set something like this up? Obviously, it'd only be I HAVE AUTISM PLEASE LAUGH AT ME and possibly...

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