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  1. thenakedhomeless

    TIKTOK Video Cringe Thread

    Tiktok (formally is Vine's exceptional cousin.It's marketed as a "kid's app" but I feel like we're so beyond that at this point. From videos of pedophiles to kinks it's truly a spectacle of cringe.
  2. thenakedhomeless

    Stranger Things Monster Picks on Unemployed People for Netflix Series

    God this sounds like a terrible idea. Nothing beats getting a job and then finding out "it's just a prank bro!1!"
  3. thenakedhomeless

    PBS' Arthur Makes Mr Ratburn Sucking Cock Canon The blue checkmarks be throwing in their opinions too! thanks, @Shway
  4. thenakedhomeless

    Culture 2019 Edmonton Pride Festival cancelled

    Been waiting for more info since the news dropped. It's speculated that it got scrapped due to internal conflict but others think it's from the Protests against RCMP last year.
  5. thenakedhomeless

    Culture Girl Scout Capitalizes on Weed Legalization

    In Soviet Canuckistan (Canada) weed became legal yesterday and an Edmonton girl scout sat outside of the Ayyy lmao weed store and sold out of cookies...
  6. thenakedhomeless

    Furby Appreciation Thread

    I've been noticing an increase of Furby pics whether they're cute or C U R S E D let's appreciate them!!
  7. thenakedhomeless

    Happy Canada Day Kiwis!

    Our Country may be shit rn but at least we got each other.
  8. thenakedhomeless

    Angry Canadian Woman Shits on Floor and Throws Feces Over Tim Hortons Counter EDIT: Here's the video, thanks @Cricket
  9. thenakedhomeless

    What Game Have You Replayed The Most?

    After all these years I still play Bayonetta. Have/had it for ps3,Wiiu and on the Switch.
  10. thenakedhomeless

    Rate My Setup

    Post your Battlestations and we'll rate em. From what I'm aware this thread doesn't exist yet? Let me know if it does, man.
  11. thenakedhomeless

    Emma Watson Tries Too Hard At Oscars

    Not only was our precious Feminist sporting a Grammatically incorrect "Time's Up" temporary tattoo but she also got that horrid Feminist Fringe.
  12. thenakedhomeless

    Hundreds Gather to Say Wow like Owen Wilson

    This is some insane levels of Autism. Proceed With Caution
  13. thenakedhomeless

    Pizza Pop Founder Dies

    The founder of Pizza Pops has died. What a sad day for stoners everywhere. Pizza Pops are basically Pizza Pockets ya'll.
  14. thenakedhomeless

    Canadian Band Destroyed By #MeToo Movement

    Hedley the Candian famous band, has been outed on social media for "allegedly" fucking little girls at concerts.

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