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  1. Meiwaku

    Orbiter Steve Franssen/ Steve Summerstone ✡️ | archive (over 1k subs) Telegram Gumroad (as of 06/17/2022 he has 45 gummers) Patreon (as of 06/17/2022 he has 21 patrons at 181 a month) Soundcloud | archive Bitchute IMDB (yes he likely made this himself) Big thanks to @Fake Steve Franssen...
  2. actually

    DarksydePhil / TheyCallMeDSP / Phil Burnell: Main Thread #2

    Get a job, DSP. "If a simple summary is suffice enough, do not give DSP your money. DSP is a hateful, stupid, immoral liar, and any perception to the contrary is irrefutably wrong."
  3. JamusActimus

    Manosphere Johnny / Young / Jay Rockefeller / theagingmuscles / Raveedc / Ceoofcausingascene

    Archive of all of his videos here: Jay Rockefeller Jay Rockfeller(real name Johnny Young) is a self-proclaimed Gymcel (an incel who copes by working out) traveling in his rape van making pick up artist videos. I will start by showing you...
  4. Shirō Ishii

    Lolcow Jackie Lee Jones / JackieJones2261 / catloverjackie

    Jackie is a retarded man in his 30s who spends almost every hour of his day cooming to girls on twitter. He was discovered through another lolcow, Derich, a man who is also retarded, a fan of DSP and who also has his own thread. Jackie started off as the side character to Derich but has quickly...
  5. Fetish Roulette

    Tom's Substack: The Thread

    According to his latest spergout, Tom's made himself a Substack! Is anyone going to tell him that Substacks are for real journalists who are freelancing and not for pedophiles to vomit their shitty opinions all over the Internet, or are we going to let him have this one? Link | Archive
  6. Master Shake

    Jacob Lenard / Lenstar Productions / Lemurboy12

    Jacob Lenard/Lenstar is a mildly popular YouTube animator. You might know him as that guy who made those wacky SpongeBob SFM videos from the early 2010's: You may also know him as the creator of such Flash animations as Mugman, Plancy's World, Pike's Lagoon, and most recently Loose Ends...
  7. R

    bluspyfromtf2 and how faggots at fa white-knights art tracers.

    this autistic manchild named bluspyfromtf2 from a website called furaffinity is an example of what happens when white knights at fa should not exist in the website. bluspyfromtf2 is one of those art tracers on fa who has gotten away with this due to how faggots at fa would do anything to protect...
  8. Shirō Ishii

    Orbiter MASSIVE SHOUTOUT TO Derich Ip / Koom and the Gang

    Well Derich, you finally did it. You've achieved what few DSP fans have been able to achieve and that's being so autistic that you've made it to the Big Leagues here on the farms. I could give him a bio but Nigel did a great one already, so here it is...
  9. naught

    Orbiter Flamenco / Joshua Clayton Connor

    Flamenco is a floundering streamer, and on-off Killstream co-host. In early 2019, the Killstream was nosediving in content quality and viewership, and in the wake of Zidan’s departure from the show, Flamenco was one of several orbiters selected to take his spot on the panel. Many viewers grew to...
  10. Spergenschütz

    Artcow Manny (Manolo) Corobo / Kiingcorobo / Stardustandgust-arts / Shitbin Motel / Brickoppy / Hickoppy / Malewifebranch

    Introduction Meet Manny (Manolo) Corobo/Person/Dejesus, a 20-year-old manchild who is a self-proclaimed artist that claims to be a Black-Dominican, Aromantic, Homosexual, Non-Binary, Transgender Man. They have an irascible hatred of Hazbin Hotel, VivziePop, PewDiePie and many other “problematic”...
  11. Lapis Lazuli

    Artcow Autumn Neville / Puppychan / pawpawchan48 / puppkittyfan1

    Autumn, or more commonly known as Puppychan, is a black, non-binary, autistic furry who initially became popular from posting artwork years back. Unfortunately for her, a handful of factors have lead to a decline in her art's quality, along with a noticeable change in behavior for the worse...
  12. 0 1

    Stephan Robert Loehr / FerociouslySteph / oddishplaysgames / StephOddish / Steph

    Stephan "Steph" Loehr, who goes by the online aliases of "FerociouslySteph" or variations of "StephOddish," is a trans, ex-competitive gamer from Washington who, despite their horse-face, is also a deer furry/otherkin. While one can derive amusement, or be disturbed, by his behavior as a deer...
  13. Dick Ramdass

    Orbiter William Robinson / James Lewis Martin / Christopher Stokes / Gaming Samurai King

    As confirmed by @The American Hedgehog , William has admitted to owning the @Williamchu account and thinks he's above all of us, claiming we're harassing him and this information he pretty much leaked on his own free will. Real name: James Lewis Martin Aliases: Christopher Stokes (Facebook)...
  14. Plasmapheresis

    حلال Ashley "Ashton" Lynne Coulter / @cantremembernothing / ButtercupSaiyan / watercolorheart / heartnotes3 / glowhips / celestialmew / MidnaPurity

    "I'M COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMING" - Ashley INTRODUCTION Ashley (or @cantremembernothing on KF) is the epitome of what is wrong with the Furry Fandom today, all rolled into one abomination. Awful Art? Check! Horrendous Questionable Fanfics? Check! Attention Whore? Check! Lusts after...
  15. Dick Ramdass

    William Robinson - Chris' newist white knight

    Everyone knows about the Great British lolcow Hirschberg, well you haven't met William Robinson yet, the one behind the last fundraiser and the one who organised a social worker who went to the Chandler household only to be ignored at the door for two hours. Looking through Robinson's Failbook...
  16. Jazario

    Sam Fennah / FailSafe42

    I'm surprised that there's no thread on Sammy boy. Most of you who browsed the Nostalgia Critic thread may have seen this name pop up. Sam Fennah is a 20 something year old animator known for his furry abominations and spergouts in the Bionicle community. To make this easier for the rest of you...
  17. Pargon

    Phil's Dark Skin Anxiety

    Big ups to @N0thingICanDo and their powers of observation. Over the last few months we've had multiple documented instances of Phil biting his nails and/or fingertips when black people turn up in video games. Mostly they've been posted in the general thread but I thought this was a curious...
  18. Nykytyne3

    User 'Nykytyne3' / Blinski / Joe Muchlinski rants about his own parents in random threads

    Please watch. Please download and re-upload wherever possible. I am begging you. This is not a joke, and I am not delusional. The gaslighting has gone on long enough and it needs to stop. I got a call back:
  19. Colmerry

    Dramacow Dayton HyperNova / Earl Shultz / Cade Dorian Paradoxa / Earl David Shultz / th3bl8ckm8sQu3r8d3

    "It's called fashion sweaty" Earl Shultz (Chosen name: Cade Dorian Paradoxa, better known as Dayton HyperNova) is a manipulative musician, music video producer, and self-proclaimed "pseudo-narcissist" tranny with a DUI who got popular from episode 365 of Revenge of the Cis. Earl frequently...
  20. YourUnclesDad

    Graeme Kelly / Irishbrony1988 / @IrishbronyKelly

    Meet Graeme Kelly, a 30 year old brony from Kildare, Ireland. He loves cuddling MLP plushies and seeks a gamer girlfriend. Graeme loves porn, especially MLP porn. He is very active on Twitter and talks almost daily about depression, wanting a girlfriend, and not being a pedophile. "Talking...