bryan dunn

  1. Null

    2018-04-16 - Kiwi Farms: "Cease and Desist" (Bryan Dunn)

    Well, I had to become the bad guy eventually.
  2. Null

    2018-02-14 - Bryan Dunn: "Public persona & Defamation 'Brand'"

    Remainder of PM chain attached. It's still ongoing but I've left the conversation. I invited everyone else in the chain. If you're curious, he was banned mid-January and he came back on a sock so I merged his accounts together under his name...
  3. Null

    Rejected! 2018-02-02 - Bryan Dunn: "Ban appeal 2.0"

    The following message has been sent from Bry guy kingofpol <[email protected]> (IP: 2607:fb90:6ab7:2208:f993:4711:a39c:b346) via the contact form at Kiwi Farms. Ban appeal 2.0 So I havent been following my time being banned since it happened and I am still not socking or participating in...
  4. Null

    Rejected! 2018-01-20 - Bryan Dunn: " Official Ban Appeal"

    Official Ban Appeal Hello Null, You asked me to write a one time Ban Appeal and at the time, I took the wrong approach and decided to try to talk to you on discord rather then officially and coherently taking my time to respond to you through the proper channels. I would like to rectify that...
  5. Juan But Not Forgotten

    Bryan Dunn / King of /pol/ (KoP) / The Armed Toast / The Exceptional Detective / BoomerPhil

    "Sure. Your history on the internet and open interaction with your diagnosed mental issues and you choosing the internet life over real life reflect heavily. Youre paranoid Youre reactionary Youre vindictive Youre legitimately on the spectrum You have a history of backstabbing behavior online...
  6. Sean Harris

    King of /pol/ interview

    So things with Jace and Gamergate are heating up yet again. This could lead to something spectacular. And for some added hilarity, some (of the gamergaters) are claiming Jace is just a fake troll. The irony is, if this is the case in their eyes, WHY THE HELL ARE THEY GIVING HIM ATTENTION...