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  1. mindlessobserver

    Manosphere Jack Murphy / John Murphy Goldman / Bigbadbeard1000 / Jacked Brunch / Liminal Order

    Ladies and Gentlemen of the farms, I come with news. For too long the SJW's and the Libs have been keeping real men down. Men just aren't taught how to be men anymore. They don't know how to handle their women. But fear not, for a true, honest, Alpha Male named Jack Murphy nee Goldman, can help...
  2. actually

    DarksydePhil / TheyCallMeDSP / Phil Burnell: Main Thread #2

    Get a job, DSP. "If a simple summary is suffice enough, do not give DSP your money. DSP is a hateful, stupid, immoral liar, and any perception to the contrary is irrefutably wrong."
  3. Hamberlard Raid

    James "Catherine" Lucas / "Peetz" / XMenXPert / Tiamatty / Peetz Of My Mind

    Meet Peetz: Foodie Beauty’s pet retard. “One of the most stupid things to do is to pretend you are smart. When you pretend to be smart, you are at the height of stupidity.” ~ Robert T. Kiyosaki James Lucas, James & The Giant Gunt James Lucas is a 37-year-old obese, balding, spineless...
  4. haurchefant

    Careercow Majid M. Padellan / mmpadellan / BrooklynDad_Defiant!

    Majid Padellan is a Twitter pundit whose primary claim to fame is being an irritating internet addict who rakes in thousands of dollars to tweet about Trump 24/7. As a Trump reply guy, his primary MO is to post anti-Trump takes on Twitter to net internet cookies, asspats, and to keep money...
  5. Arm Pit Cream

    Careercow Mike James Lindell / "The My Pillow Guy" / realMikeLindel / michaeljlindell

    Mike Lindell (June 28, 1961) is an evangelical crackhead, multimillionaire pillow CEO, infomercial star, snake-oil salesman, and deeply connected Trump affiliate. Mike was a somewhat obscure figure nationally, slowly gaining relevance in the 2010s through infomercials. It wasn't until 2020 when...
  6. genericwhitemale

    Anthony Fantano / TheNeedleDrop

    A while back, I posted some screenshots of music critic Anthony Fantano's retarded Twitter takes in a YouTube Autism Thread, saying that I'm tempted to start a thread on him. But I didn't think he was enough of a lolcow to warrant a thread until events that have transpired yesterday. For...
  7. Superman93

    Orbiter Ashton Joel Parks / People's Populist Press / PPP

    Ashton Parks is a small-time youtuber who developed his reputation in the "IBS-sphere" as the man who relentless shits on other Internet Famous lolcows - particularly Ethan Ralph & Co and most recently Dick Masterson. He spends most of his time doing long autistic streams criticizing and mocking...
  8. Caverlock

    Dramacow Patrick Sean Tomlinson / @stealthygeek / "Torque Wheeler" / @RealAutomanic

    "No, kiddo, I'm one of those actual, real-life tough guys who will spoon feed you your own teeth. " (A, L)(A, L)(A, L) (A, L) Introduction Patrick Tomlinson is an insurance-salesman-turned-sci-fi-author who has been embroiled in Internet drama for years, even briefly attracting the attention...
  9. Puck

    Nicholas J. Fuentes / America First Pürrer / "Nick the Knife"

    Nick Fuentes is a self described zoomer, afro-latino, campus conservative, who first came to the public's attention for bring one of the few people stupid enough to attend Richard Spencer's clusterfuck at Charlottesville. After that Nick was fired from his job at RSBN, dropped out of college...
  10. Jmz_33

    Smugruko / Smug_Legend / Lory / MariEvangelion / Dekapai_Decade / Kokoro_Dev / @FurezoHarto

    Smugruko (real name "Lory,") is an Anime/Videogame "journalist" and self-proclaimed master troll. Smug first got her start by working for another notorious lolcow, Ian Miles Cheong, where she became affiliated with 'Hype Break' and became the owner of 'Escapezero,' which is just another...
  11. Burning Fanatic

    Mumkey Jones / Tyler Millard / Simian Jimmy / @VincentHatesGod & Ashley Simonetti / Liu the Kitty

    There's already a past multimedia thread on Tyler (Mumkey) about his channels being removed from YouTube. I'm making this as a separate thread to talk about any drama going on with him, seeing as how he can never seem to stay away from it. Digibro, Quinton, and his ex-friend AssBurger are a few...
  12. Arm Pit Cream

    Jared Knabenbauer / ProJared / SinJared, Heidi O'Ferrall / AtelierHeidi & Holly Conrad / CommanderHolly

    Projared has been cheating on his 5/10 coplayer wife Heidi for a 1+ year now with some streamer/"content creator" who u̶s̶e̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶d̶a̶t̶e̶ married (who cares?) Ross of Gamegrump fame. He (allegedly) abused her, ignored her, tried to get her to sign an NDA to shut her up and sent his friends...
  13. damian

    Monica Rial / Monica Jean Rial / Rialisms & Ron Toye / Ronald Toye III / rontoye3

    Bootleg OP (originally written by @emspex): :):):):):) Good OPs (thank you @damian): Monica's twitter archives:* Ron's twitter archives:* UPDATE: Monica Rial & @Ron Toye sold the deed to...
  14. L

    Dax Herrera / Dick Masterson & The Dick Show, New Project 2

    There's been so much dickscussion in the main forums I'm surprised we haven't got a thread on Dick Masterson's podcast yet. Who here watches the Dick Show?
  15. Guts

    Mother's Basement / Geoff Thew

    Geoff Thew is a milquetoast anime YouTuber who's best known for making Crunchyroll promotional videos with a bonus anime analysis pinned at the very end and completely ravaging the jimmies of his beloved anime watching audience. His videos are so bland and uninteresting (beyond the ones where...
  16. Spectre_06

    Jeremy Hambly / The Quartering / MTGHeadquarters / Unsleeved Media / Midwestly

    The face of a self-described neckbeard. Jeremy Hambly (known online as either Unsleeved Media, MidWestly, and more commonly as The Quartering) is an overweight skeptic YouTuber from Wisconsin who's main claim to fame is that he "knows Sargon". His videos can best be described as "antisocial...
  17. AltisticRight

    Annand Virk / Bunty King / Cunty Queen

    Let me introduce you to Bunty King, a smelly pejeet best known for being a sceptic cuck, enjoying golden showers, and fucking a cunt that has blood leaking out; hey, don't judge him, the blood acts as a lubricant! His Social Media: Twitter: YouTube...
  18. In the Air of the Night

    Dramacow Ohmwrecker / Ryan N. Lord / Maskedgamer / TheMystic

    3103 Long Common Pkwy Elgin IL 60124 DOB June 28, 1979 (Archive) Ryan "Ohmwrecker" Lord, is a YouTube Let's Player and "former" member of the VanossGaming/H2O Delirious' Youtube Friend Group. Famous for their Grand...
  19. Feline Darkmage

    Careercow Adam Sessler

    source A long long time ago, in a galaxy far away. When I was a small child, there was a tv channel focused on vidya games and nerd shit called G4. On this channel there was a vidya review show called X-Play. While it had several different hosts and co-hosts over the years, there was one that I...
  20. Feline Darkmage

    Manosphere Richard La Ruina / "Gambler" / @RichardGambler / PUA Training

    Meet Rich La Ruina aka Gambler So 3 days ago on March the 7th of 2018, a game known as "Super Seducer" was released on Valve's platform Steam. It was slated for a PS4 store release, which was canceled because Sony didn't want to deal with the games controversial subject matter. Videos...