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  1. AltisticRight

    Imagine eating this good

    Saving the White race, one shart at a time. According to Jaden on the Kino Casino, mocking the food in vitro Fuentes eats really gets under his skin. He's even posted gross looking food to spite a-logs like @gaystoner. Yes Nick, each time you share your food photos, we curl up in awe and gaze...
  2. 3322

    Keffals / Clara Sorrenti / Lucas Roberts

    Keffals / Clara Sorrenti / Lucas Roberts Clara Sorrenti (pre-transition name Lucas Roberts) is a Canadian/(((Italian))) commie tranny twitch streamer who has gained notoriety on the internet for claiming to get twitch streamer Destiny banned for "transphobic" comments about trans...
  3. Easy J

    Blowing Away a Difficult Decade

    Tom managed to fix the audio problems that had him sounding like an old chainsmoking hobo with COPD. He has a vastly improved chipmunkish voice in this video & his sax playing sounds leaps & bounds better. Happy New Year, Tom.
  4. Diabeetus


    On Reddit, there is no community that's more comedically pitiful than r/SmallDickProblems (a). It is a place where the self-described 0.6% of the population who have micropenises go to jerk each other off while crying over their Body Dysmorphic Disorder, while simultaneously refusing to seek...
  5. Jonathan "Jessica" Yaniv

    Megathread 8-9-19: Yaniv visits the farms.

    @WGkitty you are going to fucking die. I know who you are and I am going to come there, slit your throat and throw your body under the Golden Ears Bridge. Bob Adams knows who you are too. So you better stop. @WGkitty YOU GOING TO DIE MOTHERFUCKER GONNA DIE. @WGkitty you better not step...
  6. Chris Psychology

    Wellness Check?

    mod edit: @Chris Psychology's dox begins here. The video is archived here. So today we attempted to call Adult Protective Services, and we then requested a wellness check on Christine. We have documented the phone calls in this video.
  7. Null

    Thomas Dall / Kittystyle

    Kittystyle is a stream.me streamer who spends 18 hours a day livestreaming himself to a small audience, similar to Narcissa Wright. He professes he has ADHD (a catch-all excuse he uses for his behavior), and appears to have schizotypal symptoms which are exasperated by the THC content in his...
  8. Done

    Horrorcow Jacob Sockness / Michiro Hutaki / Agian Siin / Jacob JS / Darkseed2012 / RamleIronHeart / luvshak214

    Jacob Sockness / Agian Siin / Michiro Hutaki DOB: 4/1/1983 in Alameda County, CA Address: 430 Turk St, San Francisco, CA 94102 Well, the Chris autism vortex delivers yet again. If you've ever looked at Chris's Twitter replies lately, a certain user must have popped up on your radar with his...
  9. Erich Raeder

    DE Drachenlord / Rainer Winkler

    Aktuelles: :popcorn:HIT AND RUN RAINER:popcorn: We got featured three times: Drachenlord fucks a sex doll Drachenlord has been sentenced to two years in prison for assault Drachenlord's house has been demolished (see also Nulls tribute) Do you want to find out more about Drachenlord but...
  10. /intl/

    Koby dox

    Koby lives in Kauffman and goes to Kauffman HS Koby's mom's contact info 469-595-6765 Koby's Mom or sister 469-595-6211 JoJo AKA Koby LeFlore Address 580 Post Oak Ben Kaufman Texas Moms FB http://archive.md/yDUbm Jojo's mom Bobie Leflore of Kaufman Texas USA She uses Sprint moms previous...
  11. Chiang Kai-shek

    Which Lolcow produced the most milk in 2017?

    With 2017 coming to a close, it's time to ask the most important question. Out of all the lolcows documented here, which one produced the most milk in 2017? Can be any lolcow documented her doesn't have to be one that was found this year.
  12. Randall Fragg

    Trump Derangement Syndrome

    GET TO CAPPING PEOPLE! MAKE KIWI FARMS GREAT AGAIN! Salt list categorizing some notable people here (thanks to @OwO What's This? )[/spoiler]
  13. Null

    "Jim" / James Augustine née James Patrick O'Shaughnessy / Mister Metokur / Jim81Jim / Internet Aristocrat

    Q. I keep seeing the name James Patrick O'Shaughnessy. Is this really his name? A. Yes, Jim is James Patrick O'Shaughnessy. A2. No, not anymore. Jim and Jade got married and are now legally James and Sophia Augustine. Q. Isn't James Patrick O'Shaughnessy the name of a millionaire? A. Yes, but...
  14. chimpburgers

    Tommy Tooter General Discussion

    TL;DR Overview Tom Wasserberg is an ancient faggot and formerly homeless busker from Chicago, now living in a roach infested hovel in Tuscon, AZ. He pretends to be a transgendered, lesbian woman in order to avoid criticism for his abhorrent behavior on and offline. By his own admission, he is...
  15. Holdek

    Furry Fandom and Drama General

    ANIMAL CONTROL UPDATE: This thread is a general about the Furry community and all the drama revolving around it. The original OP does not include a lot so it will be a work in progress to update with major happenings and drama. If you would like to contribute something to the OP PM @CIA Nigger...