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  1. Cucktry Roads

    Gambling Gunt

    With what's been happening recently, I think it's time for this to be it's own thread. On sept 2-5, Ralph planned to do an IRL event in Vegas. Despite it only being planned for 4 days, Gunt was in Vegas for 2 weeks. Gunt was constantly bragging about his winnings, but later out Vito said that...
  2. PhoBingas

    Ethan Ralph's Twitter / Tweets (+ Fediverse spergouts)

    This thread will act as an archive of Ethan's Tweets, please try to keep to the standard Tweet (link) Archive (link) Screenshot (link or post) Tweet Archive Missed this one from earlier. Tweet Archive Retweet 1 Archive 1 Retweet 2 Archive 2 The hog has landed. Repeat - The hog has landed.
  3. Loona

    Sean Christian Daw-McGee / Tegan Fallon / Hazel / Christine Dawson / BVDGRRL / BVDGRRLXXX / Sparx Traxx / BADGRRL

    Reality vs. Photoshop Sean Christian Daw-McGee (d.o.b. January 1, 1996) is better known as Sparx, Tegan, Hazel, and BADGRRL. Sparx is a Twitter-addicted transgender furry, DJ, programmer, and drama whore. Sparx is probably most notorious on the internet at large for having a pedo roommate who...
  4. Lapis Lazuli

    Artcow Autumn Neville / Puppychan / pawpawchan48 / puppkittyfan1

    Autumn, or more commonly known as Puppychan, is a black, non-binary, autistic furry who initially became popular from posting artwork years back. Unfortunately for her, a handful of factors have lead to a decline in her art's quality, along with a noticeable change in behavior for the worse...
  5. Massively Strong Greed

    [5 March 2020] Phil’s Bankruptcy Court Hearing

    https://youtu.be/wRbTLKJM0WQ Making this thread in case anyone has any stories to share tomorrow. In the meantime, discuss how you think Pigroach will handle being in court.
  6. 0 1

    Louis "Lou" Gagliardi / Alex 'Ace' Maddox / Tegan Ainsley / Taryn Amita / Diana / goldenl1oness / Lynn Brooks / @acekatt

    Picture by @dotONION and @TANK JESUS Click here to play Louis Gagliardi Bingo! NOTE TO ALL NEW READERS Hello. If you are not a regular Kiwifarms reader, you most likely discovered this thread because you decided to investigate more into Louis "Lou" Gagliardi (who typically uses aliases such...
  7. 0 1

    Horrorcow Kevin Gibes / Kathryn Gibes / TransSalamander / RageTreb / The Green Salamander

    Kevin Gibes, also known by their trans persona as "Kathryn," their primary online handle of "TransSalamander," or other usernames "RageTreb" and "The Green Salamander," is a Colorado autogynephilic, sex-obsessed post-op transsexual in their mid-30's who checks nearly every box to an almost...
  8. Puck

    Nicholas J. Fuentes / America First Pürrer / "Nick the Knife"

    Nick Fuentes is a self described zoomer, afro-latino, campus conservative, who first came to the public's attention for bring one of the few people stupid enough to attend Richard Spencer's clusterfuck at Charlottesville. After that Nick was fired from his job at RSBN, dropped out of college...
  9. THOTto

    Has Amber impacted your life personally?

    Since AL is the perfect guide on what not to do, has watching Amber helped you make changes in your life or view yourself differently? Have you ever brought her up to other people or talked about her with friends? Has seeing how she treats others made you reevaluate your own interpersonal...
  10. Jonathan "Jessica" Yaniv

    Megathread 8-9-19: Yaniv visits the farms.

    @WGkitty you are going to fucking die. I know who you are and I am going to come there, slit your throat and throw your body under the Golden Ears Bridge. Bob Adams knows who you are too. So you better stop. @WGkitty YOU GOING TO DIE MOTHERFUCKER GONNA DIE. @WGkitty you better not step...
  11. THOTto

    New member or thinking of joining? / Directory

    Here at the Kiwi Farms we enjoy new perspectives, and are welcoming to new members. What's less enjoyable is how the same mistakes are made again and again. Here's a thread we hope can help to remedy that! This should serve as both a crash course for new users. regardless of where you're posting...
  12. damian

    Sea Salt Mine

    This thread is dedicated to the smug hot takes about the Vic Mignogna lawsuit. 04/18/2019 - ROUND 1 - Vic Mignogna v Funimation / jamie Marchi / Monica Rial / Ron Toye Even with >$100K in a War Chest and a "BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY" Law Firm led by Ty "FEAR THE" Beard representing Vic Mignogna...
  13. RichardMongler


    A small hint to anyone interested in archiving juicy threads: use old.reddit.com instead of www.reddit.com. archive.md will back up the entire thread. In the tradition of left-wing subreddits like /r/LateStageCapitalism and /r/ShitLiberalsSay along with anti-anti-SJWs comes /r/BreadTube (a)...
  14. O

    Skitzocow John Raymond Apt / Jai Amun Bhakti / JB / Christ John

    Introduction John Apt is a dirty hobo, a wannabe cult leader, and the self-proclaimed reincarnation of Jesus Christ. Mr. Apt first came to the attention of the farms thanks to our very own Luna Slater, who has somehow fallen in as a member of John's "tribe." John's hobbies include...
  15. The American Hedgehog

    LGBT Twitter 1/25 - Chris says neighbor angry at him for kid questioning gender identity

    "Even more shocking, my neighbor across the street from me shouted angrily at me; blaming me for his child questioning their Gender Identity" http://archive.fo/VQ3BE
  16. Quetzalcoatl

    Sam Vogel "Antonovich" / Kaara / allthefoxes / theotherredfox / vincelocktip / samman412 / vlt412 / atf412

    MOD EDIT: u/Kaara_Raven is allthefoxes CONFIRMED, OP ORGANIZE YOUR FUCKING TRAINWRECK OF A POST, PEOPLE ARE CONFUSED. Original Poster Update: There has been dossiers and other Google Documents that were appearing and most of it contains the same shit I have here, so I'm going to ignore those...
  17. L

    Arin Hanson / Egoraptor / Grump

    Arin "Egoraptor" Hanson is a Newgrounds animator turned youtube let's player who hosts the channel Game Grumps. Arin likes to think of himself as an expert of politics and game design, constantly spouting on about how woke he is and even starting a series on youtube called Sequelitis to talk...
  18. Chris Psychology

    Wellness Check?

    mod edit: @Chris Psychology's dox begins here. The video is archived here. So today we attempted to call Adult Protective Services, and we then requested a wellness check on Christine. We have documented the phone calls in this video.
  19. Null

    WARDAWG / Nathan Crane

    His channels https://www.stream.me/wardawgdaddy https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZwP-F1uych1hQi86ZrSO1g WARDAWG/[email protected]_twitter-AlgBxEcCP8U.webm I'm still trying to figure this puzzle out so help me out. I'm writing this on short notice and with time limitations. A while back...
  20. ShittyRecolor

    Sonichu Sonichu Fan Jam: Director Amenities

    UPDATE: Some pages are still up for adoption here. Howdy guys! Ready for some more Sonichu fan jam goodness? Prepare yourself though, cause we're going to tackle the big mamma jamma itself, the infamous masturbatory revenge fantasy that is issue 10! IN ITS ENTIRETY...