1. HiramTheGrift

    Alex Rosen / Chet Goldstein / Gordon Flowers / Predator Poachers USA

    Alex Rosen (AKA Chet Goldstein) Crikey! It looks like we've stumbled upon some Kiwis in the wild, how would you like to join me on a safari? The internet is a dangerous place and we're going to track some dangerous prey. These people think they're the apex predators of the world, a Predator...
  2. purple menace

    Skitzocow Ethan Gluis? / Sewerslvt/ Sadboy Sheldon

    Sewerslvt, also known as Jvnko (formerly Sadboy Sheldon.) Is a breakcore/ dnb/ trannycore artist from Adelaide, Australia. *their pfp vs. the closest thing to an irl picture Lyr 1: Pre Transition Sewerslvt's journey into the music scene began in early 2017 under the alias 'Sadboy Sheldon'...
  3. PhoBingas

    Ethan Ralph's collected Tweets

    This thread will act as an archive of Ethan's Tweets, please try to keep to the standard Tweet (link) Archive (link) Screenshot (link or post) Tweet Archive Missed this one from earlier. Tweet Archive Retweet 1 Archive 1 Retweet 2 Archive 2 The hog has landed. Repeat - The hog has landed.
  4. Vetti

    TheGatorGamer / "Shannon Gaines" / "Vincent" / "Eagle eyes"

    TheGatorGamer, often known simply as "Gator", is a cofounder and cohost of Ethan Ralph's Killstream. Originally relegated to the roles of tech support and soundboard operator, Gator's presence as a cohost increased when longtime second mic, Zidan, left the show in early 2019. Gator still makes...
  5. Spergenschütz

    Artcow Manny (Manolo) Corobo / Kiingcorobo / Stardustandgust-arts / Shitbin Motel / Brickoppy / Hickoppy / Malewifebranch

    Introduction Meet Manny (Manolo) Corobo/Person/Dejesus, a 20-year-old manchild who is a self-proclaimed artist that claims to be a Black-Dominican, Aromantic, Homosexual, Non-Binary, Transgender Man. They have an irascible hatred of Hazbin Hotel, VivziePop, PewDiePie and many other “problematic”...
  6. Twinkie

    Celebrity Shane Lee Yaw / Shane Dawson

    Shane Dawson (b. Shane Lee Yaw, July 19, 1988 ) is an entertainer currently struggling to stay afloat against the cancel culture undertow. As one of the top content creators on Youtube (over 20M subs), it remains to be seen whether Shane will be protected by Youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki for being...
  7. Twinkie

    Big AL's big mad Snapchat rant (05/18/20)

    This must be preserved in its own thread and not buried in SM. I can't remember the last time Amberlynn showed so much life. Youtube links courtesy of Lump SHADE (part 1, part 2) and shoutout to @Farmers only .com for being first to the farms with this
  8. Twinkie

    Community "Haydur Nation" Meta / Youtube reaction channel discussion

    Haydur Nation in a nutshell. Haydur Nation is a loosely connected group of youtubers who make reaction videos, comedy edits or hit pieces targeting other youtubers, usually obese women. Initially the “haydurs” would react solely to Amberlynn Reid videos but most reaction channels have since...
  9. Duff

    Orbiter William Robinson / James Lewis Martin / Christopher Stokes / Gaming Samurai King

    As confirmed by @The American Hedgehog , William has admitted to owning the @Williamchu account and thinks he's above all of us, claiming we're harassing him and this information he pretty much leaked on his own free will. Real name: James Lewis Martin Aliases: Christopher Stokes (Facebook)...
  10. francesco

    Horrorcow Erica Raelene Gifford / Richard T. Gifford / Sissy Baby Pansy / Pansy Gronski / Pansy Faggotte & Alfred John Schaerffer / "Master Al John"

    Sissy Baby Pansy or Pansy Gronski (born: Richard T. Gifford, legal name: Erica Raelene Gifford) is a deeply disturbed old man who's dedicated his entire life to living out his fetishes, of which there are many. He has an internet history spanning 15 years through which you can track his decline...
  11. Twinkie

    Jennifer Gwen Ann Armstrong / LifebyJen and Vernon Eugene Stephens III / Gene / Life by Gen X

    Jennifer Gwen Ann Armstrong aka LifebyJen is 44 year-old, yo-yo dieting deathfat and self professed food addict from West Virginia. She subsists on welfare and she has been on YouTube videos, on and of for over 10 years. In that time, the only notable thing she has done was in 2019 when she...
  12. 0 1

    Louis "Lou" Gagliardi / Alex 'Ace' Maddox / Tegan Ainsley / Taryn Amita / Diana / goldenl1oness / Lynn Brooks / @truthtigress

    Picture by @dotONION and @TANK JESUS Click here to play Louis Gagliardi Bingo! NOTE TO ALL NEW READERS Hello. If you are not a regular Kiwifarms reader, you most likely discovered this thread because you decided to investigate more into Louis "Lou" Gagliardi (who typically uses aliases such...
  13. Duff

    William Robinson - Chris' newist white knight

    Everyone knows about the Great British lolcow Hirschberg, well you haven't met William Robinson yet, the one behind the last fundraiser and the one who organised a social worker who went to the Chandler household only to be ignored at the door for two hours. Looking through Robinson's Failbook...
  14. Serial Grapist

    565 pounds versus 519 pounds - (02/01/20)

  15. 0 1

    Horrorcow Kevin Gibes / Kathryn Gibes / TransSalamander / RageTreb / The Green Salamander

    Kevin Gibes, also known by their trans persona as "Kathryn," their primary online handle of "TransSalamander," or other usernames "RageTreb" and "The Green Salamander," is a Colorado autogynephilic, sex-obsessed post-op transsexual in their mid-30's who checks nearly every box to an almost...
  16. Serial Grapist

    SHOP WITH ME!!!! | VLOGMAS DAY 5 2019 - 12/05/19

  17. Serial Grapist

    COOK SOUP WITH ME | RECIPE | VLOGMAS DAY 4 2019 - 12/04/19

  18. Serial Grapist


  19. Serial Grapist