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  1. NotJewishWario

    Lolcow Wrestling Otaku / SeijiStorm10 / Phantomanime Reviews / Fortune 4 Shooters / IWC's Captain Charisma

    If you’ve been around the internet wrestling community, you may be aware of the term “smark”. Smark is a term used to describe a fan who knows all about the inner workings of wrestling and uses their knowledge to look down upon casual fans and proclaim they know everything about wrestling. These...
  2. MvAgusta

    The Ralphadynasty

    The Gunt has an interesting lineage to say the least. What is known based on some research I’ve done is that the Gunt’s grandfather is named Clyde Ralph and he was born in 1924. Clyde served in the US Army during World War 2 and lived a long life, married Estelle his wife, and had Ronnie Ralph...
  3. NotJewishWario

    Careercow David Bixenspan / Bix / davidbix / davidbixagain / CactusBix

    David Bixenspan is a freelance writer and podcaster who primarily writes about pro-wrestling but has also covered other topics such as politics. Bixenspan is from Long Beach, New York. He is Jewish. Bixenspan is a man with one mission, try to take down as many wrestlers and wrestling...
  4. MvAgusta

    Dalton Clodfelter vs Ethan Ralph

    The recent distancing by Nick Fuentes on June 8, 2022 from the Ralph trashfire (Fuentes is his own trashfire) has produced some rather interesting happenings here. As a Nick/AF a-log I know the usual tactics of how Nick fights with people. Unlike Ralph, Nick has a cadre of loyal sycophants who...
  5. Coochie Concoction

    Artcow Ellie Lee / Ellie Wilson / Bell / Seabell / xCatb0t2022x / crystaltheechidna

    Blessed with a pair of crazy eyes that could burn holes through steel, my dear bell here is a pathological liar, a narcissist, a deadbeat mom and an alcoholic as she will force her husband to take care of the kids on top of working a full time job while she sits on the internet and drinks all...
  6. Capt. Jean Luc Ritard

    Ralphamale W's

    Ralph scored a major victory last week, as Dan confirmed he is not 5'1" like the faggots here on ReeRee Farms think. He is actually (with his 2 inch high heeled sneakers) 5'5", putting him in the gaudy 10th percentile of all men in the US. Quick math shows that there are only 14,616,000 men in...
  7. MvAgusta

    Orbiter Demon Baby #3 / The Gunt’s Third Possible Piglet

    While the Gunt was enjoying his vacation in Portugal to own the A-Lawwwgs and AndyWarski, the Gunt tweeted a quote reply to Elon Musk regarding birthrates here: A reply guy asked Ralph if he was planning on having another child and Ralph responded to the guy: At least one more. So the...
  8. Vetti

    Orbiter Louis Jeffery Giovingo / Southern Dingo / Southern AF Podcast

    Louis Jeffery Giovingo is an Italian-American white nationalist, best known by his pseudonym 'Southern Dingo'. He is the host of The Southern AF Podcast; a show averaging less than a thousand viewers that has featured the likes of David Duke, Patrick Little, and Chris Cantwell. In early 2020...
  9. Capt. Jean Luc Ritard

    The Shart of War by Gunt Tzu

    The Gunt is an internet master tactician, and any who wishes to do battle with him in a Twitter spergwar needs to first understand the bevy of maneuvers and weapons in his shartsenal. -Stonewall Denial aka It's Nawt Tru: A staple in the Ralphamale defensive strategy. Simple and to the point...
  10. MvAgusta

    Inactive Ethan Oliver Ralph’s Ongoing Feuds

    With all the Kino and freak outs by the Gunt, I’ve decided to update this thread and list all of the ongoing feuds the Gunt is in. I call it: World War Gunt (edit: so much has happened that I decided to update this, so anytime another feud happens I’ll put it here) Edit: I am using this list...
  11. Delicious Diversity

    The Ralpharing

    Ralph was given his Papaw's ring by his Uncle Clyde. It's apparently worth tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. He has been flexing this ring to prove he is hood rich: However, it seems likely to be fake. So now Ralph is coping hard to prove the haterz wrong: So, real or fake? 💍...
  12. B

    DSP Reacts! [Current Attraction: May 14th DarkSydePhil DTRH]

    This thread is for discussion of the (soon to be) ongoing series “DSP Reacts!”, where Phil reacts to lolcow documentary content, starting on April 23 2022 with a reaction to the Down The Rabbit Hole video on WingsOfRedemption. Wings Stream part 1: Wings Stream part 2: Wings Response:
  13. Mister Mint

    Skitzocow David Anthony Stebbins / Acerthorn / stebbinsd / fayettevillesdavid

    Welcome to all Jim viewers that are curious about the obese wereturkey. Current Defendant: @ZellZander Name: David Anthony Stebbins AKA: Acerthorn Address: 123 W Ridge Ave Apt D, Harrison, AR 72601 Phone: (870) 212-4947 (Google voice) Email: [email protected], [email protected] David...
  14. actually

    DarksydePhil / TheyCallMeDSP / Phil Burnell: Main Thread #2

    Get a job, DSP. "If a simple summary is suffice enough, do not give DSP your money. DSP is a hateful, stupid, immoral liar, and any perception to the contrary is irrefutably wrong."
  15. RickestRickCriminal

    Trashfire 07/18/2021: Gunt Vs Null Weight Loss Challenge

    STOP POSTING YOUR UNSOLICITED DIET ADVICE NOBODY FUCKING CARES AND RALPH WILL NEVER FOLLOW THROUGH TO START THE CONTEST Ralph has said he has accepted the weight loss challenge on last Monday's Tequilla Sunrise (07/12/2021) and has doubled down on the this Monday's Killstream (07/19/2021) Last...
  16. Shirō Ishii

    Lolcow Jackie Lee Jones / JackieJones2261 / catloverjackie

    Jackie is a retarded man in his 30s who spends almost every hour of his day cooming to girls on twitter. He was discovered through another lolcow, Derich, a man who is also retarded, a fan of DSP and who also has his own thread. Jackie started off as the side character to Derich but has quickly...
  17. HiramTheGrift

    Alex Rosen / Chet Goldstein / Gordon Flowers / Predator Poachers USA

    Alex Rosen (AKA Chet Goldstein) Crikey! It looks like we've stumbled upon some Kiwis in the wild, how would you like to join me on a safari? The internet is a dangerous place and we're going to track some dangerous prey. These people think they're the apex predators of the world, a Predator...
  18. purple menace

    Skitzocow Ethan Gluis? / Sewerslvt/ Sadboy Sheldon

    Sewerslvt, also known as Jvnko (formerly Sadboy Sheldon.) Is a breakcore/ dnb/ trannycore artist from Adelaide, Australia. *their pfp vs. the closest thing to an irl picture Lyr 1: Pre Transition Sewerslvt's journey into the music scene began in early 2017 under the alias 'Sadboy Sheldon'...
  19. Null

    Clayton Ray Huff / Dream / DreamOnPvP / DreamTraps / DreamAF / DreamXD / DeltaKnight / DreamSkilful / Clayman23

    Dream is a Minecraft YouTuber ("mcyt") who catapulted to e-celebdom in a single year. In 2020 he went from 1 million subscribers to 10 million. As someone who produces video game content with voice overs only, his identity has become a game to his fans who are overwhelmingly young teens. Though...
  20. PhoBingas

    Ethan Ralph's Twitter / Tweets (+ Fediverse spergouts)

    This thread will act as an archive of Ethan's Tweets, please try to keep to the standard Tweet (link) Archive (link) Screenshot (link or post) Tweet Archive Missed this one from earlier. Tweet Archive Retweet 1 Archive 1 Retweet 2 Archive 2 The hog has landed. Repeat - The hog has landed.