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  1. G

    Matt Perez / Michelle Perez / Rubblewoman / thatwronglove

    Matthew James Perez is angry, angry tranny from Minden City, Michigan. Matt Perez recently showed up on the radar as a random tranny who doxed a random Kiwi Farms member. In response to a tweet they posted, Matt was given advice to calm down, to which he responded by wishing death on an innocent...

    Rule 34 Horrors and Oddities

    "Rule 34: If it exists, there's porn of it." After seeing a good number of porn in the DeviantArt horrors, I thought it would be a good idea to complete this sexually deviant Triforce, so here it is. Rounding out the trifecta of DeviantArt and Fanfiction Horrors, Rule 34 is, as the quote above...
  3. J

    Dramacow Milo Yiannopoulos / Milo Wagner / Milo Hanrahan / @nero

    That haircut is bordering on tumblr The mention of Milo Yiannopoulos's name can bring different reactions depending on who you ask- Person one- "MILO? THAT FUCKING PROBLEMATIC SHITLORD IS RACIST RACIST RACIST AND WANTS THAT MISOGYNIST TRUMP TO WIN HE MUST BE BANNNNNNNEEEEEEDD" Person...
  4. chimpburgers

    Aaron Simpson / Æryn Simpson / SFtheWolf / Shadowfire

    Oh shit, this one's gonna be fun. Yet another Norasphere discovery and with a lot of ties to other cows like David Gallant and the usual suspects. I will start off with what was posted by @Chan the Wizard in the bigger Nora thread. This whole Norasphere stuff is turning out to be its own entity...
  5. AnOminous

    Alex C. "Allie" Leal / ACL / desertfox899 / BinaryVixen899 / Emily Saphira Chance / _EternallyEmily

    Meet Alexander Christopher Leal, a 21 year old idiot at University of Washington Foster, a business school. He is one of the many people discovered through his responses to Nora Reed’s incessant blithering and stalking of Randi Harper. He is easily as much of an attention whore as she is...
  6. Puar

    Riolu947 / RiolutheBlueCat / BlueCatRiolu / Nicolas Salerno (Internet Banishment)

    Nicolas Salerno, alias Riolu947 and BlueCatRiolu may seem like a typical fetish loving tartlet but on closer inspection, his rabbit hole goes deep . Nick has been known to disregard any criticism towards his artwork, make mishmash stories involving his blue self-insert, various female cat...
  7. Cable 7

    Crystal Maye Franks / Chibiyama / FantasyMiracle1990

    If you've been browsing the "Obscure Laughingstocks" thread, you may have come by a post detailing a DA user by the name of Chibiyama. She's quite the infamous user on DA, with her infamy being along the lines of Illicitvirus115 (who is another story for later). Chibi is a 25 year old autistic...
  8. wristwatchswisswatch

    Jin / Jin1515 / Matt Beard / RetroYote

    It's very hard to describe this person without calling him a brony or babyfur. His name is Jin (Power word: Matt Beard) a Minnesotan with an unhealthy obsession for the inanimate. He caught wind of the My Little Pony fad during 2012, where he noticed a certain Mary Sue and knew he met his match...
  9. Le Bateleur

    حلال Xalver Nick

    The Cowfic wiki "is dedicated to trollfiction involving lolcows and their works (such as chris chan and sonichu) expect content to be potentialy nsfw." A brief perusal of the only page existing at time of writing suggests that the authors of the wiki may possibly be trollshielding, a suspicion...
  10. Holdek

    Furry Fandom and Drama General

    FURSCHWITZ GUARD UPDATE: This thread is a general about the Furry community. The original OP does not include a lot so it will be a work in progress to update with major dramas. If you would like to contribute something to the OP PM @Feline Darkmage, @yawning sneasel, @CIA Nigger, or @Golden...
  11. Snorlaxative


    [Mod Edit: This OP is trash but the thread is pretty good. This will be fixed soon.] Has anyone observed the infamous Pamperchu? He gives Chris a run for his money by stealing dirty diapers from the trash, microwaving them, and wearing them.