1. Erich Raeder

    DE Drachenlord / Rainer Winkler

    🚨 Rainer hat nen Ford Ranger für mutmaßlich 40k€ gekauft, der Volltrottel 🚨 Zusammenfassung der Lage Did you get lost and want to find out more about Drachenlord but aren't fluent in German? There's an English Drachenlord Thread (which is a bit dead tho) Count Dankula made two reasonably...
  2. MarvinTheParanoidAndroid

    Kraut and Tea / Joseph Lancaster / @GiveMeThouMemes

    I am shocked to my core that nobody has made a thread on Kraut as of yet. I even considered doing it last year and decided to wait for somebody else to do it instead. Kraut and Tea is someone who everyone has wanted a thread on but nobody has bothered to make it, until today. Krazy Kraut is...
  3. Feline Darkmage

    der_Grobi / Angry_Gr0bi / FullMetalGr0bi / Peter Katzinski

    Twitter (Archive) Blogspot (Archive) Google+ (Archive) Youtube (Nothing on here sadly) Peter Katzinski 06925538840 Laubestr. 28 60594 Frankfurt, Sachsenhausen Tweeting InnerPartisan about MRAs or something