1. C

    Game Gunts

    (And we're the Game Gunts!) Ethan Ralph's gaming career goes far back. How far? Who cares. Ralph claims that he was a local arcade legend in the 90s, almost winning a local tournament until some kid went and beat his high score. Ralph gained most of his fame from the Gamergate movement, which...
  2. Bob Barker

    Times when Ethan Oliver Ralph has flagged shit

    ⛳⛳Copyright Takedown count: 27⛳⛳ :gunt:Community Guidelines Strikes: 3 :gunt: :gunt: Total DMCA Takedowns issued: 15 :gunt: ⛳⛳Other flags (Twitter, Bitchunt etc): 6⛳⛳ Total: 51 I feel like we need a thread for tracking every time ralph has flagged someone, either openly or situations where its...
  3. MeltyTW

    Bitchute Status Gunted

    Bitchunt really really doesnt want you posting anything about the gunt, my channel was made to pass archives of the gunt's first two streams post arrest in case they prove useful in the court case, these were rips of @PhoBingas snipes which were removed from the supposedly pro free speech...
  4. naught sock account 1

    Peyton Higgins / Seyton Higgins

    Peyton Higgins / Seyton Higgins / Killstream Pey update on our gorl since the creation this op... ( she's not only joined ip2 but found a simp to milk, and he is in fact prolific in his simpdom name Kelvin Mcdonalds. His mission: to...
  5. PhoBingas

    Ethan Ralph's collected Tweets

    This thread will act as an archive of Ethan's Tweets, please try to keep to the standard Tweet (link) Archive (link) Screenshot (link or post) Tweet Archive Missed this one from earlier. Tweet Archive Retweet 1 Archive 1 Retweet 2 Archive 2 The hog has landed. Repeat - The hog has landed.
  6. Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

    Mundane Matt strikes back

    I saved audio version of most of the Boulder Talk Radios that Matt did on the Gunt. Might not be the most riveting content but there's some good stuff here.
  7. Arm Pit Cream

    Faith Vickers / Zoomer Girl / Fai Fai

    Faith Vickers is a Californian 4 who is currently bearing Ethan Ralph’s child. As the story goes, Faith and Ralph first became acquainted in late 2019, long before the public at large became aware of her in mid 2020. Early in the summer of last year, a few scattered posts regarding a ‘hot 18...
  8. Vetti

    TheGatorGamer / "Shannon Gaines" / "Vincent" / "Eagle eyes"

    TheGatorGamer is a piss-jeaned co-host on the #Killstream, and Ethan Ralph's most loyal servant. Back during the show's heyday, with Ralph steering the ship, and Zidan offering up the most insightful commentary of the hosts, Gator was essentially just sticking around to be the program's tech...
  9. chimpburgers

    Ethan Oliver Ralph / TheRalphRetort / Jcaesar187 / the "Killstream"

    Ethan Ralph, host of the #Killstream, has published revenge pornography of his 18-year-old girlfriend. If you are associates with Ralph, he collects dirt on you to blackmail you with forever. If you date Ralph, he will humiliate you and violate your dignity to win Internet cool points. If you...