idea guy

  1. The American Hedgehog

    11/18 - Chris's Twitter posts a video of him jacking off

    So this is a video of Chris jacking off while singing All Star, that was posted to Chris's Twitter, then deleted a couple minutes later. The direct link to the Twitter video should still work, but I also grabbed it and attached it to this post. This might be the original Idea Guys back again...
  2. Null

    Joshua Wise & Stephen Boyd The Chris-Chan Extortionists

    I had many ideas of how I'd dole this information out but I figure at this point I'll just tell everyone what happened. I am writing this post for a broader audience and will be explaining things so people outside of the CWC community can understand it. Christian Weston Chandler, legally...
  3. The American Hedgehog

    Containment Idea Guy / Joshua Wise (Manipulating the intellecutally disabled for fun) Megathread

    This thread is for discussion of content by the Idea Guy troll, who started influencing Chris around fall 2017 by convincing him that he’s really communicating with characters in CWCville. For more info on Idea Guy’s shenanigans, see the CWCki article: CONTENT...