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  1. Pointless Pedant

    Plagued /r/TNOmod and the Reddit HOI4 modding community

    The New Order: Last Days Of Europe is a detailed but deeply flawed alternate history mod for Hearts of Iron 4 depicting an Axis victory in WW2. It has a substantial fanbase on Reddit, and as whenever Reddit gets involved in something, a lot of them are horribly disturbed and cripplingly...
  2. Pop-Tart

    Juan Manuel Arroyo Alcón / JMAA

    Juan Manuel Arroyo Alcón JMAA is a Neo Nazi, satanist, porn artist, battle royal fanboy, will now refer to as JMAA, is a Spanish edglord who I think currently resides in Donostia-San Sebastian, PV. JMAA is NeoNazi Satanist. Most of his cotent is the embodiment of "Triggered LMAO" low effort...
  3. Feline Darkmage

    Orbiter Sierra Eire / SierraEire1488 / ReviewChinaUSA / ReviewTitanicUSA / Robert/Thomas O'Connell, etc

    "I'm White. The person who shot Hitler is my hero." This wonderful pile of autism bragging about his ebin twitter weens is most commonly known as Sierra Eire, but he is a man of many aliases. He is notable for a few characteristics -He is Irish, and will mention this fact...
  4. Golden Compass

    Edward Barlow / Tenacious / TashkentFox / Tashkara / TenaciousVulpin / Zaroff / Section Leader Shaw

    I am shocked and amazed that this fine specimen of what furries are capable of has yet to receive his own thread, so I feel it is my duty to provide the users here with one. Tenacious, as he currently goes by, has had his own page on ED for quite a while. Edward, as he is known to normal...
  5. Feline Darkmage

    Ryan Faulk / The Alternative Hypothesis / People's Veto / @thealthype / Stodles / FringeElements

    Meet Ryan Faulk of Sacremento, California. Ryan Faulk is a lolcow with a lengthy history of drama and attention whoring, leaving autism everywhere in his wake. He is 1/16th "negro", homosexual, and has "mild autism" otherwise known as Asperger's Syndrome. He grew up in a military family, so...
  6. jewelry investor

    Plagued John Cameron Denton & Atomwaffen Division / Siegeculture

    The Attomwaffen Division is a group formed by IronMarch. It is led by a man who calls himself RAPE SiegeCulture is a Nazi website dedicated on making articles on why Charles Manson did nothing wrong. Forget Hitler we're going Helter Skelter.
  7. Feline Darkmage

    Skitzocow Michael King / Tomato Bubble / The Anti-New York Times

    Website (archive- main page) Facebook Twitter Quotes on FSTDT Mike King is a befuddling specimen to say the least. He's basically a far-right version of the blogger David Futrelle. Mike runs a website that he calls "Tomato Bubble" with recurring segments called "The Anti-New York Times" which...
  8. Allen John Jones III

    Allen John Jones III / Coolbreeze88 / Ambition1394 / XBLspartanx170 / Webmaster16 / NoName360 / Axis

    MOD NOTICE yo, nice to finnaly have a kiwi farms account. i have been lurking on this forum for a while and its reassuring to see that im not the only one who think she's an unpleasant, bigoted, egotistical piece of crap.... or at least that's the image she gives off...were not really sure...
  9. Flowers For Sonichu

    Ian Miles Cheong / Stillgray / SolInvictus / Little Hitler / Ian Miles Cheong Wen Xian / "Chungus"

    I'm really disappointed and surprised this guy doesn't have a thread yet. He's one of the biggest hypocrites I've come across on the internet. Malaysian-born Ian Miles Cheong (what is it about autistic people and listing their full name?) has such a long tangled web of being a spineless...
  10. Bryan Dunn

    Orbiter BSV / Vidar Viking Elvi / BrightSideViking / DarthRadeonViking

    Notice to Twitch Staff; Vidar has claimed in this post he sent a link to this thread in his ban appeal. I would like to point out that immediately after claiming to have used this website as evidence he does not send violent threats and is the victim of harassment, he told one of my users to...
  11. RichardMongler

    Rock Against Communism (RAC) / Rechtsrock

    As an aside from the Edgiest Shit Ever thread, there's a huge niche of highly subversive Rock'n'Roll commonly known as Rock Against Communism (RAC) in the Anglosphere. Krauts tend to call it Rechtsrock, but anyway... Without further ado, I bring to you the Good, the Bad and the Scuzzy. THE...
  12. InLivingTuna

    Emily Rose Youcis / @realemilyyoucis / "Pistachio Girl", creator of Alfred Alfer

    Those of you who have been on the internet for a while might be familiar with this video: This was the first animation in the "Alfred Alfer" series, a series of demented videos about the titular canine, most of which became popular via YouTube and Newgrounds. Though you'd be correct in assuming...
  13. Internet War Criminal

    Celebrity Tila Tequila

    Tila is very talented. It takes a lot of talent to become famous and make bank just by showing your tits, being dumb af, having a shit personality and not being able to form a cogent sentence. We truly live in glorious time when someone who does so little can reap so much. Also she's making a...
  14. KaiserWilhelmII

    Lolcow Rainer "Drachenlord" Winkler

    Hello, I came here from the CWC Wiki and i saw all those threads and i was astounded. So i looked if my personal favorite german had a thread too. He hadnt. I present you now Drachenlord aka Rainer Winkler What he basically does is being unemployed and doing youtube videos and streaming . He...
  15. Feline Darkmage

    Inactive Christopher Charles "Chris" Cantwell / FreedomFighter361 / FUFeelinz

    [8/26/17: His channel recently got nuked so all the vids are gone. Work on editing this OP and finding re-uploads of some of his shit is in progress] Christopher Cantwell 631-791-5842 63 Emerald Street, Unit 187 Keene NH 03431 (update: his lease ran out, he's in Maryland now)...