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    Katelyn Burns / Katelyn Anne Garrett / Kyle Burns Garrett / Transscribe / ClosetTransGirl / tabz_ftw

    Discussed rather heavily in other threads, it's time to give Katelyn Burns one of her own. Name: Katelyn Anne Garrett Deadname: Kyle Burns Garrett Residence: 18 Smith Wheel Road, Unit 72, Old Orchard Beach, Maine Birthday: February 6, 1982 Social Media:
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    Ana Mardoll / Erin Lynn Hodges (Jeffreys)

    The dox: Erin Lynn Hodges (née Jeffreys) DOB August 18, 1982 (age 35) Wife of Kirk Geoffrey Hodges DOB August 19, 1970 (age 47) Marriage date February 12, 2010 Address 3933 Palomino Drive Benbrook TX 76116-8547 Facebook (
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    Dramacow ArchivistBecks / 8bitBecca / RemembrancerMx / Yonah Bex Gerber / Rebecca Marie Hernandez-Gerber

    @Smutley wrote most of the following introduction for Rebecca after she chimped out in early 2016 over Jesse Singal and Brianna Wu. "Rebecca Hernandez-Gerber / Yonah Bex Gerber / ArchivistBecks / 8BitBecca / ArchivistGeek / RemembrancerBex / RemembrancerMx / LilCassandra / LilLirael /...
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    Secret Gamer Girl / SecretGamerGrrl / Googleshng / "Violet Hargrave" / Jacob Lawrence (Jake) Alley / Violet Cassandra Ocean

    MOD NOTICE: If you're seeing this post as the OP, then please head to this post instead as it's more up-to-date. Update, pics, dox and other details have been discovered: For more images of Jake Alley, this post later in the thread collects most of the known SGG photos Proof of Small Dick...
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    der_Grobi / Angry_Gr0bi / FullMetalGr0bi / Peter Katzinski

    Twitter (Archive) Blogspot (Archive) Google+ (Archive) Youtube (Nothing on here sadly) Peter Katzinski 06925538840 Laubestr. 28 60594 Frankfurt, Sachsenhausen Tweeting InnerPartisan about MRAs or something
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    Aguyuno / Azure / Timothy "Tim" Craig

    Timothy Craig Toronto, Ontario, Canada DoB: March 31, 1989 SATEC @ W.A. Porter C.I., class of 2007 Most recently studying Social Service Work at Centennial College Facebook (archive) LinkedIn (archive) DeviantArt [recently deactivated] (historical archive) - the DA accounts he was watching were...
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    Christopher Makin / Sabine Isca / thatsabinegirl / b1ueye / Naomi Technoir / Naomi Armitage / Sabine Yeuxbleus

    Sabine has been brought up in the Nora and Buffalo Bill threads and I have been lazily following her for a while so I figured I would make a thread. Sabine is a tranny hooker who would probably dig up Patti. Sabine has been around a while and has amassed over 322k tweets. Even by Rat King...
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    Kiva Bay / Kivan Bay / Kiva Smith-Pearson Here we go again with the long line of fat activist exceptional individuals that love to make fools out of themselves on the online. This is one especially important because they made a bunch of videos on their YouTube channel detailing some artwork they did for Nora Reed. They are...
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    Aaron Simpson / Æryn Simpson / SFtheWolf / Shadowfire

    Oh shit, this one's gonna be fun. Yet another Norasphere discovery and with a lot of ties to other cows like David Gallant and the usual suspects. I will start off with what was posted by @Chan the Wizard in the bigger Nora thread. This whole Norasphere stuff is turning out to be its own entity...
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    Mark Boyd / MagicNanners / Jennifer Boyd / Ashley Butts / Tigerthecat5 / From Fire Games

    UPDATE FOR PRESENT DAY, Feat. current account links Twitter Tumblr Youtube MagicNanners has quickly become a mainstay cow from the Rat King the past few months. First rising to prominence through interactions with Nora Reed, David Gallant, Sarah Butts, MisAndri, Timothy Craig, and having a...
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    Alexandria Christina Leal / Alex Christopher Leal / Alyx C. Leal / BinaryVixen899 / _KimmyMars / CheerleadingJaguar / desertfox899

    Meet Alexander Christopher Leal, a 21 year old idiot at University of Washington Foster, a business school. He is one of the many people discovered through his responses to Nora Reed’s incessant blithering and stalking of Randi Harper. He is easily as much of an attention whore as she is...
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    Inactive David Simon Gallant

    Mod Edit: David Simon Gallant of Toronto, Canada is an unrepentant racist that routinely compares black people to Chimpanzees. Time to piss another sperg off and include them in my mass harassment campaign against Nora Reed and various asspatters. With Nora Reed shutting down her Twitter...