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  1. MoeChotto

    IP2 Dylan Seth Volk / Chaggot / DieLawn / RealDylanVolk / RealChaggot / RealDielawn / Chad

    QUOTE ME ACCURATELY! Introduction If you follow Internet spergs and the drama that surrounds them in recent years, you may have come across Dylan Volk, better known today as Chaggot (The Chad Faggot) at one point or another. Chaggot's first memorable appearance in these circles would have to be...
  2. EmpireOfTheClouds

    Things Tom says he is

    We all know Tom's severely dementia riddled brain causes him to claim he's a number of different things. Of course, we know the only thing he truly is is a pedophile dogfucker. But, according to Tom, he's whatever his brain decides to trick him into thinking he is, so what are some of those...
  3. Fetish Roulette

    Tom's Substack: The Thread

    According to his latest spergout, Tom's made himself a Substack! Is anyone going to tell him that Substacks are for real journalists who are freelancing and not for pedophiles to vomit their shitty opinions all over the Internet, or are we going to let him have this one? Link | Archive
  4. RobotGentleman

    John Alexander Gallin / JohnGallin / DiggerGallin / StoneLion / Feste-Fenris

    After seeing this guy pop up multiple times over the past few months (including once or twice on KF), I decided he deserves his very own thread. Meet John Alexander Gallin. John is an autistic, 35-year-old Red Cross volunteer living in London, Ontario, who has made a name for himself within the...
  5. EyelessMC

    Alfred Kinsey

    Pictured below is Alfred Charles Kinsey, the man known today--by those who do know him--as the "Father of the Sexual Revolution", the man whose work changed the world. He even had his own movie made about him starring Liam Neeson: However, you might be more familiar with the name from the...
  6. Shirō Ishii

    Orbiter MASSIVE SHOUTOUT TO Derich Ip / Koom and the Gang

    Well Derich, you finally did it. You've achieved what few DSP fans have been able to achieve and that's being so autistic that you've made it to the Big Leagues here on the farms. I could give him a bio but Nigel did a great one already, so here it is...
  7. Pinball 2000

    Matthew Soltys / Nitro Rooski / Capital City Fur Con / Spark the Dalmatian / Cyder the Donkey / DJMSOL Entertainment / Nitro Production Company

    Furries and drama go hand-in-hand. In a fandom that's so drama-prone, a minor incident can quickly be blown out of proportion, and a major crime can often be swept under the rug with furries shrugging it off as "drama". At times, it can be tough to determine who are the truly bad people, so I'm...
  8. Easy J

    Blowing Away a Difficult Decade

    Tom managed to fix the audio problems that had him sounding like an old chainsmoking hobo with COPD. He has a vastly improved chipmunkish voice in this video & his sax playing sounds leaps & bounds better. Happy New Year, Tom.
  9. S

    @soft kitty / dinoman / Charles Wesley III / ADogNamedWolf / Charles Buckley / Bucksexton69 / holdmybeer1990

    This is a thread about me and why everything I say is wrong, also, I am mentally ill, lost my job, and eat shit every day. Oh yes, and I also molest children and puppies. I jack off to degenerate furfag art every single day. If you disagree with something I've said on this forum, you may come in...
  10. 0 1

    Fighting Game Community (FGC) General

    Original video by Crowbcat The fighting game community, abbreviated as the "FGC," is a long-running collection of individuals rife with eccentricity and drama that extends for decades which has only intensified after being thrusted into the mainstream. There have been countless incidents of...
  11. Wheezy Asthmatic

    Daniel Mizuho Llamas / Growly / AlmightyTora / Seph8

    Update: The thread hasn't even been live for 12 hours & the coward locked his account Daniel Mizuho Llamas / Growly / AlmightyTora / Seph8 Meet Daniel Mizuho Llamas. Daniel (AKA Growly / AlmightyTORA) is a twice convicted pedophile who has been in the Furry Fandom since 1999. He's most...
  12. Wooden Spoon

    Artcow Madd Wienecke / Matthew Paul Wienecke / Stwawbwewymilk / Spiteful Aggy / Unicown Aggy

    Aggy, birth name Matthew Paul Wienecke, is a self-admitted "plushophile" and MtF artist who draws comics depicting child porn, incest, and furry/cub content. She justifies this artwork by often claiming it helps her deal with the CSA-related trauma that she suffered growing up. She also attempts...
  13. South Shape Magic Lune

    Lolcow Christopher Elliott Collier / Blizzaria123 / nickelodeon12345 / christo27155870 / collier2362 / stormwing15

    [Mod edit: The vast majority of what OP wrote in his first draft was beyond incomprehensible, and has thus been rewritten completely. The information OP provided otherwise remains as is. More information on Chris is available via this link (archive), though be aware that a lot of it is pretty...
  14. Plasmapheresis

    حلال Ashley "Ashton" Lynne Coulter / @cantremembernothing / ButtercupSaiyan / watercolorheart / heartnotes3 / glowhips / celestialmew / MidnaPurity

    "I'M COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMING" - Ashley INTRODUCTION Ashley (or @cantremembernothing on KF) is the epitome of what is wrong with the Furry Fandom today, all rolled into one abomination. Awful Art? Check! Horrendous Questionable Fanfics? Check! Attention Whore? Check! Lusts after...
  15. Goku 1000000 O

    Vaush / @VaushV / VaushVidya / IrishLaddie / Ian Anthony Kochinski

    Ian Kochinski a/k/a Vaush, is an aspie pansexual gender abolitionist libertarian socialist anarcho syndicalist from California currently residing in Washington state most notable for his continuous defense of child pornography and sexualizing minors. He lived in polyamorous relationship with...
  16. Great Dane

    Matthew C. See / Lupin Wolfe / FunLupin / CleanLupin

    EDIT: Matt has been charged with endangering the welfare of a child and was sentenced on January 17, 2020. This is Matthew C. See, a.k.a. Lupin Wolfe / FunLupin a 33 year old furry and a sex offender from Newark, New Jersey who is known for defending zoophiles on Twitter, and having an...
  17. Wendy Carter

    Infected MAP/NOMAP community

    MAP/NOMAP community, which stands for "minor-attracted person" and "non-offending minor-attracted person", is a group made up of people who think being attracted to children is a totally normal thing. They campaign for empathy and acceptance of people who are attracted to children of any age, be...
  18. damian

    Jennifer Lynn Hunt / ljmontello / Professional Contrarian / J.Lyn.Hunt / Illia Sadri / Little Lady in Tokyo / The Sensible Progressive

    Jennifer Lynn Hunt is a former anime convention staffer that garnered a degree of attention online in 2019 when she began speaking out against voice actor Vic Mignogna. She accused him of squeezing her rear end during a hug at an anime convention a decade earlier and of touching other young...
  19. A

    Shane Holmberg / Shane Presley Holmberg

    Well, this is long overdue. Shane Presley Holmberg Dox: DOB: January 19, 1976 3910 Old Denton Rd, APT 708 Carrollton, TX 75007 This is his wife (archive). He is roughly 20 years older than her. He nuked his LinkedIn after the whole disaster of A-Kon publicly distancing themselves from...
  20. Wheezy Asthmatic

    Gabriel Sickel / KhordKitty / KhordiKit / Khordz / ThisIsGabe / PianoKat / Xyniroz / Ghörfn / yiffyiff123 / Deborah Kay Butler / Buttercuppedbun

    DISCLAIMER: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO READ 160+ PGS IN ORDER TO BE WELL-VERSED ON THE THREAD. ALL RELEVANT INFO HAS BEEN SOURCED IN THE LIST BELOW. DON'T STRAIN YOURSELVES Part 3: Early Life / Washington Heights / Media " Career " / Other Fandom Involvement Part 4: Potential Child & Spousal Abuse Part...