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  1. actually

    DarksydePhil / TheyCallMeDSP / Phil Burnell: Main Thread #2

    Get a job, DSP. "If a simple summary is suffice enough, do not give DSP your money. DSP is a hateful, stupid, immoral liar, and any perception to the contrary is irrefutably wrong."
  2. Pinball 2000

    Matthew Soltys / Nitro Rooski / Capital City Fur Con / Spark the Dalmatian / Fenris the Wolf / Cyder the Donkey / DJMSOL Entertainment

    Furries and drama go hand-in-hand. In a fandom that's so drama-prone, a minor incident can quickly be blown out of proportion, and a major crime can often be swept under the rug with furries shrugging it off as "drama". At times, it can be tough to determine who are the truly bad people, so I'm...
  3. Nontransferable

    The Fall of Fantasy Soft Entertainment

    Fantasy Soft Entertainment was a Christian-themed company purportedly developing a dozen different properties across several different mediums. While their catalog only consisted of a single comic book and a couple light novels, they were promising bigger and better things. Three animated...
  4. Burning Fanatic

    Inactive Princess Ash / Madame Ash / Manikin / "Ashley S."

    "Ashley S." is a YouTube commentator who rose to infamy in 2019 for lying, stealing, and bullying others. To give you an idea of the persona she put on in her videos, Ashley liked to pronounce her channel's name "Madame Ash" as "Muh-dah-may" like that of an autistic weeaboo. She ran with the...
  5. ShortRound

    T. Greg Doucette / Thomas Gregory Doucette / greg_doucette / TGDLaw / fsckemall / lawdevnull / TDot

    Also apparently before he was FAT (archive) Dox: DOB: March 26, 1981 32 Dansey Cir Apt 0 Durham, NC 27713 Email: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] UPDATE (Courtesy of @Immortal Technique): His law...
  6. damian

    Kaylyn Saucedo / Kaylyn Dicksion / MarzGurl

    Channel Awesome by @Sexy Times Hitler Before joining CA, Kaylyn started producing videos under the Marzgurl name in mid-2004. She had used the name before, including the Angelfire/Matrix nightmare that was The Real High School Life (archive), where she documented the going-ons at her school...
  7. CWCissey

    Snowflake Abby Cappleman / Abby The Aspienaut / Abbey May / @0ldS0ul_abby

    Meet Abby Cappleman. (left) And meet her dog, Chloe. Adorable, no? Well Chloe is supposedly Abby's support animal and boy will Abby let you know it if you call bullshit. Hell she was found because she pitched a fit at Birmingham Arena because they told her to sit in the specialist service dog...
  8. BoingBoingBoi

    Robby Pilkington / Tonkasaw / Robi Vio

    TonkaSaw, aka RobiVio according to his pro-wrestling name, is a host of a once popular internet talkshow called The Morning Kumite, but now due to his program's dwindling views, he regularly stirs up drama with anyone who disagrees with him and/or is more popular than him in order to re-generate...
  9. J

    Orbiter Kat Speculation

    Kat isn't really funny like some of DSP's orbiters and she is a topic of frequent discussion so I'm making a thread just to make it easier for people to find what's already been discovered and to reduce cyclical discussion. I'll put a half-assed effort into keeping the OP updated with a summary...
  10. L

    Dramacow Dred Foxx / Lukan D. Outdawzman / John Simpson III / @parappasvoice / DredFoxx68

    Enter Dred Foxx. Video game voice actor for a children's game about a rapping dog who decided to use his former fame to make some quick cash without working. After fans came asking for their money back he told them to "drop dead", threatened to use his Chop Chop karate skills and tried to sue...
  11. Positron

    Colt Seidman / Colton Issac Seidman / Issaccumking / selfmadecolt / Laura Ellyn Seidman

    Update April 2020: Colt Seidman has moved to Portland, Oregon and continues her lease-bailing habit. As of mid-May 2020 she is again looking for a roof and specifies that she be put on "some sort of lease". Let her sleep on your couch if you must, but DON'T PUT HER ON A LEASE - you will...
  12. Ol' Slag

    Could Phil get dropped from Curse? With MCN's basically being told by YT to remove certain content creators from their network, could this bode badly for Phil? Would Phil even care? What platform...
  13. Dolphin Lundgren

    Trainwreck Angie / Anqi / Angi Dong (skagra) / Skagra3482

    Meet Angie Dong, local online Spoonie con artist who has been begging for large amounts of cash online for about four years. She makes a living off of begging for money while claiming that she'll end up on the streets and die if she doesn't get funds from strangers online. If you don't fund her...
  14. Ride

    Sapphixy / Serenity Dee / Sean Simpson / Siobhan Simpson / Asymbina / Asymptotic Binary

    Meet Sapphixy ( Sapphixy is a Twitter user who has shown up in other rat kingers' past posts such as in Jake Alley's and David S. Gallant's. What they are most notorious for, is their vigorous defense of Benjanun...
  15. Feline Darkmage

    Manosphere "Dr." Derek Rake, "Deadly Seduction" & "The Shogun Method"

    "Enslavement is the prerequisite for everlasting love" "To control and dominate a woman, “seduction” is not enough, my friend. You’ve got to ENSLAVE her." - Derek Rake ----------------- Meet Derek Rake Derek's accounts and sites
  16. Feline Darkmage

    TransLifeline's Cameron Meyer / Scout Wolfcave / Tiffany "Bunny" Saint-Bunny

    Current Legal Name: Tiffany Saint-Bunny Former Legal Name: Scout Niclara Wolfcave Birth Name: Cameron Paul Meyer DOB: October 24, 1982 Runs the "Trans Assistance Project" aka "Trans Lifeline Microgrants" Asspatter of Greta Martela and Nina Chaubal Diaperfur Accounts: Medium Personal Twitter...
  17. IrishGuy088

    Inactive Christopher Lee King / PingPongCall / Blergatron9000 / CyndersScar - IN JAIL 1-7 YEARS

    Christopher Lee King AKA: CyndersScar (twitter), CheetoNDorito (PSN/XBL), l.king946 (skype) Formerly: PingPongCall (twitter/reddit) Socks/Alts: blergatron9000 (gmail/reddit) Steam Aliases: PingPongCall, $UICIDEBOY$, Blergatron9000, PingPongCallBlergatron9000, Dank Rex DOB January 23, 1989...
  18. Feline Darkmage

    Careercow Falco Girgis / GyroVorbis, Creator of "Elysian Shadows"

    "She was so out of it I didn't even know if having sex with her would be considered rape or not..." - Falco Girgis Name: Falco Girgis Alias: GyroVorbis Address: 206 Kellys Way Road Harvest, Alabama Age: 28 (Born July 23, 1989) Graduated from University of Alabama w/ Bachelor of Science in...
  19. sbm1990

    Skitzocow Ketchup / Danny Mikolajczak

    Lately, there's been an upsurge of right-wing cows showing up out of the blue, from neo-nazis, to nazi furs, to just plain old batshit crazy racist hicks. This brings us to the subject of this thread. Meet Danny Mikolajczak, a.k.a. "Ketchup". He is 47 years old, and currently lives in Two...
  20. Smutley

    Timothy Whitbeck / Emma Quinn / Jane Wild / ChloeQuinnTS / timnygma / Gaara-30 / setokaiba24 (frm. Amber/Chloe Quinn)

    Tranny Chaser and Phil/Toren Asspatter Timothy James Whitbeck Jr. 1688 Nelms Lane Nashville NC 27856-9796 Born: November 3rd, 1988 Timothy is, quite possibly, the laziest tranny on planet earth. Lazier than Wes Bailey, than Nora Reed, even lazier than even Jake Alley. We're talking so lazy...