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  1. BSV

    Orbiter The council of Evil

    I could not find a specific topic for these guys, and they are mentioned constantly. I think maybe it's time to have a specific area to discuss their drama, rather then publishing their stuff in threads that are not related to them. Their members are Aksel Wassås Engstad DJ Axel. / Phantom...
  2. Meiwaku

    Orbiter Steve Franssen/ Steve Summerstone ✡️ | archive (over 1k subs) Telegram Gumroad (as of 06/17/2022 he has 45 gummers) Patreon (as of 06/17/2022 he has 21 patrons at 181 a month) Soundcloud | archive Bitchute IMDB (yes he likely made this himself) Big thanks to @Fake Steve Franssen...
  3. Mister Mint

    Skitzocow David Anthony Stebbins / Acerthorn / stebbinsd / fayettevillesdavid

    Welcome to all Jim viewers that are curious about the obese wereturkey. Current Defendant: @ZellZander Name: David Anthony Stebbins AKA: Acerthorn Address: 123 W Ridge Ave Apt D, Harrison, AR 72601 Phone: (870) 212-4947 (Google voice) Email: [email protected], [email protected] David...
  4. DerKryptid

    Emily Ferraz / SailorSeiyaDigiJem / SonicGal1993 / mlp-fim-headcanons-ships

    On the sixth day, God created the wild beasts of the land, and on the seventh day, Satan created furries; and, so long as man lives, he has had to toil beside these degenerates :jacepout: Emily Ferraz Emily Ferraz is a 28-year old, gay, schizophrenic, furry tryhard with a raging femboner...
  5. BeFall 3megistus


    Nada dura para siempre, este es un buen ejemplo: Los orígenes del doomposting se remontan en un grupo anterior, Animación Artesanal, grupo de Facebook dirigido por un youtuber del mismo nombre, reconocido por hablar de apartados técnicos en animación y relevante en el doomverse por haber sido...
  6. The Jumping Dwarf

    Skitzocow John C. Lasheras / Singularitarian Technologies

    John Cravo Lasheras is a severely schizophrenic individual who believes that Facebook has sexually trafficked his Internet sweetheart, Isabella Santiago, and is currently telepathically raping and torturing him. Most of his rage is directed at Mark Zuckerberg, but Peter Thiel, Palmer Luckey, the...
  7. Junkail

    Inactive Amy Carlson / Mother God / Gaia and the Love Has Won Cult

    After Amy's escapades of being Pele the fire goddess in Kauai and her lolcow-worthy appearance on Dr. Phil, I think it’s about high time Amy Carlson and her cult gets a thread. Because of the warped and twisted nature of Amy and Love has Won, I’ve archived a video at the beginning for those who...
  8. Nykytyne3

    User 'Nykytyne3' / Blinski / Joe Muchlinski rants about his own parents in random threads

    Please watch. Please download and re-upload wherever possible. I am begging you. This is not a joke, and I am not delusional. The gaslighting has gone on long enough and it needs to stop. I got a call back:
  9. G

    Skitzocow Gina Marie Fournier / ginafournier1

    Gina Fournier is most certainly not an asshole and is a very nice person who has never been disruptive to the communities around her with gigantic signage with vulgarities, by being rude to neighbors to the point of receiving PPOs and obnoxious to police officers. There really isn't a better...
  10. LesbianSleepoverParty

    Skitzocow Kevin Perelman

    Who is Kevin Perelman? Kevin Michael Perelman is a 46 year old self-described "nerdist" in Woodland Hills, California, with typical skills of someone with that description - IT, photography, graphics design, and 3D computer animation. What is not typical about Kevin Perelman are his claims that...
  11. Null

    Thomas Dall / Kittystyle

    Kittystyle is a streamer who spends 18 hours a day livestreaming himself to a small audience, similar to Narcissa Wright. He professes he has ADHD (a catch-all excuse he uses for his behavior), and appears to have schizotypal symptoms which are exasperated by the THC content in his...
  12. A

    Trainwreck Pamela Swain / DocHoliday1977 / MsPhoenix1969 / Observer1977 / danishlace2003 / Writer_thriller

    Meet Pamela Dianne Swain. She's a 41-year-old from Georgia, who believes that Harvey Weinstein wants to marry her, and that he has convinced various celebrities to wage a years-long harassment campaign against her. She claims that this stalking and harassment campaign began 4 years ago, when...
  13. Feline Darkmage

    Skitzocow Mario Sasso / Paris Tosen / Talessian El-Wikosian / StelanTV / CosmicCulture

    (this is the video that introduced me to Paris, in it he declares that Atheists came from the 23rd century and we actually live in the 23rd century and the evidence for this is cell phones existing) StelanTV is a conspiracy theory youtube channel run by a Canadian man approximately 50 years in...
  14. Q

    Skitzocow Dana Marie Cain / Oracle of Venus / The Scorpion

    LOL WANTED! Dana M. Cain 202 S. Emerson St./1404 N. Center St. Bloomington, IL 61701 [email protected] Dana Marie Cain is a 48 year old alcoholic, cock-gobbling, man-hating, tranny-reviling, Bible-thumping, Pagan/Christian apologist, former Scientologist, anti-semitic, spousal-abusing...
  15. The Great Citracett

    Skitzocow Tanya L Nelson / Tanya Laree Nelson / Toot Toot the Nascar Driver

    The other day, purely by chance, I happened upon someone fascinating. I was just doing my usual thing, screencapping Facebook comments for the Russell Greer thread, when I noticed someone trying to pitch a song to Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20 in the comments of a photo of Rob that Russ had shared...
  16. Feline Darkmage

    Orbiter Lane Maurice Davis / Lane Davis / Seattle4Truth / Seattle_Truth / RealS4T / s4t

    It's not every day that you get a years long classic GG lolcow who's more than likely going to be put in the electric chair soon to put an end to his life's saga. It's also not every day that one of these idiots gets a thread only after being arrested. I introduce you to one of the more...
  17. CatParty

    Inactive John S. Bulla / @Paul45thomas / @BullaStephen / @StephenBulla

    i found this guy while doing random twitter searches. he seems to be some strange christian tweeter, but yet has a crush on hillary duff. he also has an attraction sign and loves to post his dox
  18. B

    Trainwreck Virgo Rouge / Jamie Morse / Marissa Morris/Elienne/Marchant/Elene Nadieja / Rachzel Grezbian

    This is my first post, so I apologize if it's not very good/well made. I've lurked for a few months. I searched for a thread about her in case there already was one, but all I could find was someone mentioning her in a random post. Links: Her website: Twitter...
  19. SpacePanther

    Horrorcow Lucas Werner

    Your trolling plans probably suck. Before you break the law to piss Werner off, read this: This is Lucas Werner, a 37 year old, homeless liberal atheist that is a huge supporter of Bernie Sanders. What exactly qualifies this man as a horrowcow? Werner has an obsession with wanting to bang...
  20. Clown Doll

    Containment Random Chris Updates

    This thread is for minor Chris updates : If Chris farts on fb or twitter (or likes something on Youtube / another service) and the update isn't large enough to warrant it's own thread*, it can be placed here. *This usually means that Chris reblogs/likes something or his commentary is extremely...