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  1. Null

    2021-04-02 - Alinity's Simp: Polish slave boy files DMCA complaint for Alinity

    So, <[email protected]> gets this email. Sloppy and shitty, doesn't specifically identify infringing content, but most oddly is that the email address is: haka3l <[email protected]> I google it, and I find a hack tool release on a Polish multiplayer hacking community. The other hit is for...
  2. haurchefant

    Careercow Majid M. Padellan / mmpadellan / BrooklynDad_Defiant!

    Majid Padellan is a Twitter pundit whose primary claim to fame is being an irritating internet addict who rakes in thousands of dollars to tweet about Trump 24/7. As a Trump reply guy, his primary MO is to post anti-Trump takes on Twitter to net internet cookies, asspats, and to keep money...
  3. Arm Pit Cream

    Careercow Mike James Lindell / "The My Pillow Guy" / realMikeLindel / michaeljlindell

    Mike Lindell (June 28, 1961) is an evangelical crackhead, multimillionaire pillow CEO, infomercial star, snake-oil salesman, and deeply connected Trump affiliate. Mike was a somewhat obscure figure nationally, slowly gaining relevance in the 2010s through infomercials. It wasn't until 2020 when...