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  1. actually

    DarksydePhil / TheyCallMeDSP / Phil Burnell: Main Thread #2

    Get a job, DSP. "If a simple summary is suffice enough, do not give DSP your money. DSP is a hateful, stupid, immoral liar, and any perception to the contrary is irrefutably wrong."
  2. Full Race Replay

    Orbiter Brandon Lee Cole / superblindman

    Brandon is one of DSP's biggest fans. He has been a paying subscriber on twitch from before Phil left twitch for youtube before Phil left youtube for twitch before Phil recently left twitch for youtube. Despite this, he is himself potential lolcow material due to his entitlement and propping...
  3. samuraicrack

    Virtual Youtubers

    Important Notice as of 03/27/2021: Due to recent concerns by the site's operator, this thread is subject to two additional guidelines to be adhered to with scrutiny: 1. Posting NSFW material that suggests a subject is of a minor age will not be tolerated. 2. No thirstposting. 3. No...
  4. GnomeofDoc

    [01 November 2019 - ???] DSP's Modern Warfare Rantings and Ravings

    I am trying out making separate threads for the different streams to consolidate the conversation and any clips so they are easier to find later. DarkDave stream:
  5. Burning Fanatic

    Snowflake Alinity Divine / Natalia Mogollon

    If you happen to hear about a Twitch thot being in the news, chances are Alinity's at it again. And no, Belle Delphine does not count. Alinity Divine (real name Natalia Mogollon) is a professional Twitch streamer with 0 personality and 0 IQ. To compensate, she resorts to selling her body for...
  6. 0 1

    Shizzuie / Ryan David Schulz / Taiu / DemBeFightenWords / Kenjiwolf / TheKenjiwolf / Floof Squad / VR Loli Squad / Violet Fusion

    This thread initially begun archiving the exploits of Shizzuie, as shown below. However, upon discovering the depths of Shizzuie's collective (who go by many names, such as "Floof Squad," "VR Loli Squad," and "Violet Fusion"), this thread has expanded to also document other members within his...
  7. thebonesauce

    [1-Nov-2018] Phil vs Tevin

    video: ------------------------ So for those somehow not in the know, I will try to briefly explain what has happened up to this point. Yesterday was Phil’s Halloween stream. The main attraction was Kat. The stream began and she was forced to sit, watch, and just read the chat. She had no...
  8. Null

    "Mad at the Internet"

    You can find all links on this website. [THIS PAGE INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK]
  9. Sparky Lurker

    Corey Ray Barnhill / August Heart / [Lulz] Xyrix / RuxPin / Zoom / Internet GodSpeed

    This is Corey Barnhill. He is a pedophile and currently works as a contractor. In these recorded conversations, Corey Barnhill admits to conditioning an underage girl into watching child pornography with him. In the call, she describes how he forced her to masturbate to child pornography...
  10. Sparky Lurker

    Trashfire Internet Bloodsports Aftermath

    Welcome to the Internet BloodSports, one of the most talked trends and drama-farming of the latest months around this webzone. But what is the Internet BloodSports? You might ask. Internet BloodSports (or IBS for short)is a bunch of self-proclaimed pundits of the internet, spewing the most...
  11. Grand Lunar

    Orbiter Andy Warski / Adam "Race" Warski / Andy Pires / Subcultured / Warski Live / The Warski Show / Purple Dragon / Kino Casino

    Andy Warski, or Adam "Race" Warski Real Name: Andy Pires Birth Date: January 5, 1989 Nationality: Canadian Current Location: Ontario, Canada Failed "low IQ" youtuber who has a habit of getting into angry screaming matches with people over minor or imagined slights. Notable for transitioning...
  12. Bryan Dunn

    Careercow Athene / Bachir "Chiren" Boumaaza

    Meet Bachir "Chiren" Boumaaza a.k.a Athene Twitter: Youtube: Twitch: If you do not remember who this insane, autistic, smug cunt of a person is then let me bring you way way way...
  13. Bryan Dunn

    Ryan J. White / RWhiteGoose

    Let me introduce you to the baddest Golden Eye Speedrunner on the PLANET Ryan J. White a.k.a RWhiteGoose Twitch: Youtube: Check out Ryan J. White (@RWhiteGoose): You may know this...
  14. Bryan Dunn

    Gonzalo Lira / Coach Red Pill / expat229

    I would like to introduce you all to this lovely individual Mr. Gonzalo Lira a.k.a CoachRedPill. Now you may know who this exceptional Individual is from his repeated jabs at sperg Kraut and Tea, but if not I highly recommend you watch his videos on him here...
  15. InLivingTuna

    IP2 Ice Poseidon / Paul Denino

    EDIT: OP dedicated to the IP2 community, including Ice Poseidon's former cronies + their current shenanigans. Ice Poseidon is a former Runescape streamer on Twitch (now YouTube), known for his Jace-tier gamer humor, propensity towards getting fucked with, and his unusual reactions to things...
  16. Juan But Not Forgotten

    Cultcow EvaXephon / Yanderedev / Alex Mahan / Alexander Stuart Mahan / cannotgoogleme

    Let's find out! Alexander Stuart Mahan is the perfect example of why lolcows and mainstream success are like water and oil. Several times throughout his life stars aligned perfectly to let him make a name for himself, but every time he pissed it all away due to his arrogance, thin skin and lack...
  17. Anonimo

    Carl Benjamin / Sargon of Akkad / Akkad Daily / The Thinkery / @not_sargon / @WarPlanPurple

    Ok, this thread is probably going to be a divisive one, and I'm hoping it doesn't devolve into troll shielding or something like that. What can be said about this guy? He is a British Youtuber who is notorious for making many videos that complain about SJWs or whatever groups fall under that...
  18. chimpburgers

    Ethan Oliver Ralph / TheRalphRetort / Rad Roberts / Jcaesar187 / Rage Pig / "Killstream" / "Tequila Sunrise"

    Ethan Ralph, host of the #Killstream, has published revenge pornography of his 18-year-old girlfriend. If you are associates with Ralph, he collects dirt on you to blackmail you with forever. If you date Ralph, he will humiliate you and violate your dignity to win Internet cool points. If you...
  19. BrunoMattei

    Low Tier God / Dale Emanuel Wilson / Lowti3rgod / sparrow25 / Dalauan Sparrow

    AKA Black DSP. He hates being called "Black DSP" even though it's absolutely true. He loves to play the race card whenever possible. He claims his age is 27 or 28 but his actual age is 32 or 33 as of now. He works at a Goodwill and may or may not have a criminal record (this is unconfirmed)...
  20. C

    WingsofRedemption / Jordie Jordan

    For those who don't know, there is a YouTube gamer named WingsofRedemption, real name Jordie Jordan. Wings/Jordie is a 28-year-old from South Carolina who posts gameplay videos and commentaries centering around Activision's Call of Duty franchise. He also posts personal VLogs about himself, his...