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  1. HiramTheGrift

    Hasan Piker / HasanAbi

    Hasan Piker / HasanAbi Hasan Piker, 29, is a Twitch streamer and political activist affiliated with the progressive TYT (The Young Turks) that has garnered a repution for being an edgy "Brocialist," "Brogressive," and "Bernie-bro." A self-described progressive socialist, his career started when...
  2. HiramTheGrift

    Skitzocow Connor Murphy

    Connor Murphy Before beginning, I have to give a shoutout to JamalActimel and his initial comment that made me look further into this guy. I messaged him asking for some info and he firehosed me with information like I was a bad, bad girl. I'm going to be honest with you guys, I'm hooked on...
  3. EyelessMC

    Alfred Kinsey

    Pictured below is Alfred Charles Kinsey, the man known today--by those who do know him--as the "Father of the Sexual Revolution", the man whose work changed the world. He even had his own movie made about him starring Liam Neeson: However, you might be more familiar with the name from the...
  4. White Girl

    Corpse_Husband / Anthony Blue Gamboa

    Corpse_Husband Anthony "Blue" Gamboa is a YouTuber who's famous for his edgy tiktok music and his Among Us streams. He's a sexy Bishie anime man who raps about E-Girls and totally isn't a chonky edgelord irl. Now, ladies don't let his good looks fool you this man is not actually Joji, Lil...
  5. haurchefant

    Careercow Majid M. Padellan / mmpadellan / BrooklynDad_Defiant!

    Majid Padellan is a Twitter pundit whose primary claim to fame is being an irritating internet addict who rakes in thousands of dollars to tweet about Trump 24/7. As a Trump reply guy, his primary MO is to post anti-Trump takes on Twitter to net internet cookies, asspats, and to keep money...
  6. Master Shake

    Jacob Lenard / Lenstar Productions / Lemurboy12

    Jacob Lenard/Lenstar is a mildly popular YouTube animator. You might know him as that guy who made those wacky SpongeBob SFM videos from the early 2010's: You may also know him as the creator of such Flash animations as Mugman, Plancy's World, Pike's Lagoon, and most recently Loose Ends...
  7. Null

    Clayton Ray Huff / Dream / DreamOnPvP / DreamTraps / DreamAF / DreamXD / DeltaKnight / DreamSkilful / Clayman23

    Dream is a Minecraft YouTuber ("mcyt") who catapulted to e-celebdom in a single year. In 2020 he went from 1 million subscribers to 10 million. As someone who produces video game content with voice overs only, his identity has become a game to his fans who are overwhelmingly young teens. Though...
  8. Smug Freiza

    Skitzocow Liam Gray / RetroBoy1983 / Akashic Soldier / TYNE / Conquest Comics

    Liam Gray / RetroBoy1983 / Akashic Soldier / TYNE / Conquest Comics Liam Gray is an overweight Australian, self confessed weeb and ginger nerd who is currently mostly known for creating the crowdfunded manga Xenotype [Archive] and producing Comicsgate videos and livestreams on Youtube. Despite...
  9. Burning Fanatic

    Alex Martin Elmslie / ImAllexx / "Littlefinger"

    Alex Elmslie, better known as ImAllexx online, is a shallow YouTube commentator deriving from the UK. Alex is mainly known for his coverage of drama and happenings among e-celebs (along with various other topics), which has managed to garner him an audience of around 2 million subscribers over...
  10. Twinkie

    Celebrity Shane Lee Yaw / Shane Dawson

    Shane Dawson (b. Shane Lee Yaw, July 19, 1988 ) is an entertainer currently struggling to stay afloat against the cancel culture undertow. As one of the top content creators on Youtube (over 20M subs), it remains to be seen whether Shane will be protected by Youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki for being...
  11. Twinkie

    "Haydur Nation" Meta / Youtube reaction channel discussion

    Haydur Nation in a nutshell. Haydur Nation is a loosely connected group of youtubers who make reaction videos, comedy edits or hit pieces targeting other youtubers, usually obese women. Initially the “haydurs” would react solely to Amberlynn Reid videos but most reaction channels have since...
  12. Twinkie

    Jennifer Gwen Ann Armstrong / LifebyJen and Vernon Eugene Stephens III / Gene / Life by Gen X

    Jennifer Gwen Ann Armstrong aka LifebyJen is 44 year-old, yo-yo dieting deathfat and self professed food addict from West Virginia. She subsists on welfare and she has been on YouTube videos, on and of for over 10 years. In that time, the only notable thing she has done was in 2019 when she...
  13. Jazario

    Sam Fennah / FailSafe42

    I'm surprised that there's no thread on Sammy boy. Most of you who browsed the Nostalgia Critic thread may have seen this name pop up. Sam Fennah is a 20 something year old animator known for his furry abominations and spergouts in the Bionicle community. To make this easier for the rest of you...
  14. 5t3n0g0ph3r

    John Michael Kelly / vazorium / jmkacc / jkellytwit / UJDaedalus

    Whenever drama occurs on the internet, certain individuals insert themselves into the conversation, if not taking a proactive approach in perpetuating the drama themselves. While observers usually note and dismiss these individuals as “drama whores”, some hold the potential of evolving into...
  15. Ellesse_warrior

    Lolcow Robert Paul Champagne / The Try it Out Guy

    Robert Paul Champagne is an artist and adult entertainer turned YouTuber and aspiring talk show host from New York, based in Harlem. The best way to introduce RPC and get a feel of the...
  16. Feline Darkmage

    Dennis Prager / Prager University / PragerU / PragerU International / Pragertopia

    Intro Dennis Prager is a conservative talk radio/internet pundit funded by billionaires to produce cringeworthy youtube videos and dumb down political discourse even more than usual. There is now a small cottage industry on youtube dedicated both to dissecting the myriad of problems and...
  17. damian

    ISWV Community thread

    Over the course of 24hours after the Hearing , some ISWV speds have taken to go to the Judge's facebook page and give him a good old a-logging over it: The post: And these are the 2 speds that did it, David Harlow (in red)...
  18. indianshedevil

    Dramacow David Sanford / Major Stacks / Mad Black Atheist / Mad Black Entertainment

    David Sanford - also known as Mad Black Atheist [MBA] or Mad Black Entertainment - is a YouTuber from Hixson, Tennessee that used to do anything that does involve the Black Sector and politics. He also was involved in the drama involving a DramaCow named Xavier Pace - also imfamously known as...
  19. Questioning_Huggers

    That Umbrella Guy / TUG / Matthew Lewis

    So looks like something's happened that might or might not have anything to do with TUG's dox- under spoilers so those who give no fuck's about not Nick youtubers don't have to look <3
  20. Burning Fanatic

    Jason Ethier / JayStation / ImJayStation

    Jason Ethier, aka "JayStation", is an insufferable content creator possessed by dark and mysterious forces summoned at 3 AM. His fanbase, the "JayNation", consists of over 4.5 million 12 year olds that bought into his spastic jump cuts and clickbait thumbnails. Jason has hundreds of videos all...