[06/13/19-06/16/19] Vic, Nick & Beard + Hero Hei, TUG, et al @ Anime Matsuri AKA Anime Mignogna - 6/14/19 Vic Directly Gives Nick Energy and Nick proceeds Jelly Bean TUG

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Whatever happens, happens
Alrighty, TUG's heading to Vic's last panel.

The line to get in is nice and healthy. Good stuff.

Vic shows up 10 minutes in.

smaller room but a good crowd. He's just as charming as ever.


Whatever happens, happens
In case no one noticed: TUG had his mask signed by Vic Mignogna (right check), Reuben Langdon (Left Check), Hero Hei (Chin), and Nick Rekieta (Forehead).

Is he doing a giveaway for that one or just the other stuff he had vic sign?


Now I don't frequent conventions so I'm wondering are their successes measured by con-goers loitering around not doing anything? Or am I just missing something?
Con "success" depends on who you ask:
-For most Con Orgs, success is "how much money made", realistically this usually translates to how many people showed up, but if it were conceivable for 10 guys to pay $1million each, most people would happily run a $10million show for 10 people
-For vendors/artists its also money made, usually DURING the con they think of it in traffic during the show, but post-con they'll report on money made and the two don't always align
-For joe-fan, it could be ANYTHING: "pictures taken of me", good time with friends, best guests, or 20 other things


Panel over now, Vic cut it a bit short to go back to the people in line for his signing. Quick rundown and some timestamps.
11:40 to about 16:30 is Vic tossing candy to the masses, ends with him giving a gift to a girl he bonks a bit hard with a Milky Way and abusing a Pikachu before giving him a hug.​
17:10 to 39:30 is Vic giving away the last of the stuff that he'd brought from home to give out (includes 32:10 to 32:44 is Revenge of the Pikachu), AND finishes with giving away the box that he brought it all in to a poor homeless weeb.​
43:09 to 43:20 Vic tells everyone in the Panel to go over to Ghidorah's Left Head Mocap guy and tell him hi and show him some love.​
43:30 to 45:10 Vic expresses gratitude and love for everyone who's shown up to come see him, says that he hopes his body of work is big enough that people will continue to want to come see him at cons.​
45:15 to 1:07:33 is Q&A, here are some bits that I personally thought worth noting​
52:26 to 52:37 Vic says that if he had a lot of money, he'd personally pay to get a second season of Ouran High School Host Club- *insert jokes about this if Vic wins the big dollarydoos in his lawsuit*​
53:30 to 56:56 Vic tells the story of the how Mustang is dead sexy... in a mini skirt came to be. He starts it off with, and this is a direct quote. "This is amazing. I'm nearly destroyed, and people keep asking me to say that line."​
56:56 to 58:30 Vic gets a text message from Chris Ayres, so Vic sends him back a little video message of everyone in the room cheering for him.​
58:45 to 1:04:41 Vic points out a superfan, tells the folks to say hi and show her love if they see her around, does a song request for her (The song, btw, was about being tolerant and loving those who are different than you, go figure). Thing that really hit me right in the feels was when he talked about seeing her the day before, as she came to his table, and he asked her "Why are you so kind to me?".​
1:04:50 to 1:05:17 Chris texts back to say thanks and hope everyone was happy and safe, Vic shoots back a We Love Ya Bro.​
After that Q&A, Vic reiterates how grateful he is to everyone.

Short panel, but sweet.


κυνισμός : just chilling out with dogs
This convention was an absolute, unadulterated, 200 proof win for Vic. His three panels were homeruns, his signing lines were astronomically long, all the KV people were forced to behave themselves even if they decided to show up (maybe the actually learned something if they attended Vic's panel about working for good and not being a petty bully). Meanwhile, the KV trolls on social media self-destructed due to their own incompetence and everyone had a good laugh at them.

Edit: Lol, not two minutes after posting this I found out through HeroHei's stream that some creepy guy was hanging around Vic's booth.

Edit2: TUG heard that some other stuff might have happened too in terms of KV that they can't really talk about but Chad Matsuri Security was all over it apparently.
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So apparently this black guy came up to Vic's booth to fuck with him, and refused to leave until the cops came. Supposedly tried to throw shit at him from his red bag.

fuck, cougared

The lady saying that he was trying to throw what he had in the bag at Vic was mistaken, and the guy was just being obnoxious and refusing to leave.
Nick's statement:

Sorry for my part in spreading the misinformation. :/
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Someone was going to throw something on vic.

Apparently he cut in front of the line and wouldn't leave to the back of the line and security took his pass. TUG said he looked like he was going to throw something from a little velvet bag.

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Thank God Poor Kyle was there to save the day. Oh, and also actual security and police, I guess.

king of pickles

Good job being a Kiwi Reporter on duty. Hopefully you had a fun time as well.

As a recap, it was an interesting experience. I came mainly for the panels, to see Rackets and the gang, and to support the cause with my wallet a bit. There were things that I already knew about, like how hard working Vic is (when he's not in a panel he's in his booth), the guy must have an iron bladder and super resilient kidneys. Vic's assistant was doing a good job, when he didn't take pictures he had Vic's back. Then you see how humble, approachable and down to earth those "celebs" are, like Ladybaby (damn they were smol, but loud), Doug Jones, Reuben Langdon. Wish there would've been more time to check some of the other stuff, but often you have to choose, so there wasn't time for the "weeby stuff". The good thing is, there were field agents who were able to cover all areas.

I saw HH on Friday, TUG was manning his booth every day, engaging with fans and covering the panels, the Rackets and Ty, like others have already said gave Vic strength. Apart from that little shit at the end you felt like Vic was surrounded by friends. I think the strong presence of involved Youtubers, Matsuri's support and the fact that the overwhelming majority thinks KV is stupid helped keep the whale and her pod away. That gay op at the end was probably a last ditch effort to show that KV is still there and to put stress on Vic. Some of the fans I talked to also had the impression that the relentless sperging and defaming of Vic is for the sole reason to hurt him, and like Nick implied, to make him do something to himself.

If you saw Vic's Saturday panel, you heard how his dad leaving the family affected him, how his fans are like a replacement family and how blessed he feels that some talk to him about their hardships, looking for help, etc.

Some of Vic's friends from the industry still seem puzzled by the 'tism storm and still believe there could be common ground and reconciliation.

The vendor's area was always packed. Many awesome stores and artists, but I had to use my wallet for the cause this time.

The japanese guests offered a superb value for your money, though. You know signed photos have a standard rate of like 50$. At the Ladybaby stand they sold you t-shirts for 25-28$. And you'd get one of them signed by every member, plus a photo and a handshake with all of them. The mangaka Haruno Sanazaki sold art books for 30$ or post cards for 1$. If you'd buy the book you'd get a quick portrait drawn of you. I forgot at first to ask if she could also sign the book. When I returned and asked if it's possible, she also added a quick drawing. Very humble, down to earth industry veteran.

I hope the guests had good business, because some of them were also dogpiled by KV. Felt bad for the mexican VA's because they seemed to get little traffic. Vic was the undisputed MVP, with Reuben, Ladybaby, Gacharic Spin also getting good traffic.


A fan got another photo of Vic, Ty, and Nick with their cigars, and some photos of Hero Hei and TUG. Notice the huge fucking ashtray full of cigarettes because it's a smoking area. Hope those kickvic idiots actually called the cops on these criminals.


Edit: oh fuck me, I was late by less than a second
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