Broadcast 06-May-2016, Episode 259 -


Colour Swap Kiwi
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While London converts Westminster Tower into a minaret, Ghost graces us with a free-format show at the usual time. He just scheduled it much earlier in advance.

The Badass of Booster Seats said:
It's Baller Friday! Ghost hosts a free-format edition of True Capitalist radio. Call in and discuss whatever you want to talk about! Donald Trump? Hillary Clinton? Bernie Sanders? Money? Business? Stocks? Economics? London Muslim mayor? European Union? Fort McMurray? Russia? China? Relationship advice? Life advice? ANYTHING YOU WANT! Your calls, Twitter shout outs and Radio Graffiti!
TCR Episode 259 goes live in just over 7 hours (10pm CST).

Randy Lahey

Trailer Park Supervisor
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The schools in Texas must really be fucked if they teach that Columbus was trying to find out if the world was flat.

But they don't. Have a great Tinfoiler Friday, guys.


Formerly PickleGuy
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have I missed anything good tho? Just tuned in.


Made Man
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I really find the Daniel Bryant splices or whatever the fuck those are to be annoying and unfunny IMHO.

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