Trashfire 07/18/2021: Gunt Vs Null Weight Loss Challenge


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Sep 17, 2018
His scale looks like a cheap $25 dollar one from Walmart. Doubtful its anywhere near accurate enough to measure his actual fatass. Probably has a 225 lbs weight limit
Like there is any way in hell that Wal-Mart is so out of touch with their customer base to sell scales that top out at slightly over 200

Jun 13, 2020

Stop using your gunt as a table and you might of actually shed twice as many pounds. Though it does seem nice and convenient to have enough girth to set a plate on that rump of fat wherever you go. He can put some safety rails up there and have a nice crib for Guntling II.

Sam Losco

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Mar 5, 2018
From PPP's thread. Null beat Ralph. PPP gained weight.
Here is surfer's stream on the final weigh-ins for this leg of the competition.

Weight Loss:
: 274.8lbs to 257.1lb lost 17.7lb (6.4%)
Josh : 269lb to 250lb lost 19lb (7.3%)
PPP : 358.3lbs to 380lb lost -22.7lb (-5.9%)
Bowlcut Nationalist: 186.0 to 158.9 lost 27.1lb (15.7%)
Three Four: 179lb to 166lb lost 13lb (7.5%)
Gahoole: 230.3lb to 234.7lb lost -4.4lb (-1.8%)
PPP note: final weight is an estimate. PPP hasn't weighed in for months but he is obviously fatter than ever, honestly he is probably heavier than 380lb. You can use any number really but he obviously lost

Weight Gain:
: 170.3lb to 199.6lb gained 29.3lb (15.8%)
Rudy: 143lb to 150lb gained 7lb (4.8%)

Weight Loss Rankings by Percentage:
1st: Bowlcut Nationalist 15.7%
2nd: Three Four 7.5%
3rd: Josh Moon 7.3%
4th: Ethan Ralph 6.4%
5th: Gahoole -1.8%
Last: PPP -4.4%

Weight Loss Rankings by Pounds Lost:
1st: Bowlcut Nationalist 27.1lb
2nd: Josh Moon 19lb
3rd: Ethan Ralph 17.7lb
4th: Three Four 13lb
5th: Gahoole -4.4lb
last: PPP -22.7lb

Congratz Bowlcut Nationalist! :winner::winner:


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Dec 15, 2018
I will donate $5 per pound to the charity of the winner's choice. I want to see some Goddamn blood in the streets.
So what were the official results? I owe some charity some money and I have to pretend to be a man of my word sometimes.

I see @Sam Losco's post above me, but I don't know if it was just between Null and Gunt, or who the hell is Bowlcut Nationalist?

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