[12 Aug 19] Phil celebrates his 34th birthday by appealing to "financial solidarity" - Spent his tugboat on mall-ninja shit


I'm here for the juice, baby.
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So once again he's spent all his food money on toys and mall ninja gear. The fact that it's his birthday and he's got nothing going on is just...it's just the fucking best, really.

Also the whole financial solidarity is beyond beating a dead horse at this point.
No one cares, Phil.

The Dude

Bro, don't even bro, bro.
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34 years old. Most people Phil's age are at work on their birthday, unless their birthday happens to correspond with their day off. They might go out for dinner with family or friends depending on how late they're working, but they'll usually either celebrate during the weekend before or after their birthday, depending on which part of the week it falls on. But, yeah, usually it just means going out for a nice dinner. Maybe a gift or two from their spouse or kids. That's a normal birthday for a 34 year old grown-ass adult. Phil? Somehow I'm imagining him sitting alone at Chuck E. Cheese, browsing a Bud-K catalog while the animatronics sing.


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And right on cue, there's that "financial solidarity requested" post we all predicted.

Phil, you're 34, not 14. People see you and they don't see a poor, vulnerable queer kid just trying his hardest to protect himself and his friends, no matter how much you believe they do. What people see is just another filthy, middle-aged homeless guy begging for beer money. Doing it online instead of in meatspace doesn't change that.

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So who exactly is he asking for money from?
Ouch. Lost the couple of followers he had, and now no-one is following Phil. Enjoy having no free money, I guess.

This is the second month Phil has been in his shared accommodation, and the second month he's apparently spent all his tardbux on mall ninja hear instead of pitching in with housemates to pay his part of the rent and bills. I'm sure those "comrades" he talks of are overjoyed at being "equipped" with Naruto headbands and pepper spray instead of their rent money.

Sorry Phil, people have moved on. Yaniv is the prime lolcow now. I know you loved our attention so much, checking your threads on Kiwi Farms every day, but it's just more of the same old edgy teenager ranting from you, and people are bored now. There are no more asspats and dollars to wring out of this any more.

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Bro, don't even bro, bro.
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Time for a Kiwi maths question. Using his tardbux, how much BDSM gear and riot-rat mall ninja bullshit does Phil have buy ("equiping my atifa comrades") each month so that he has nothing left to spend on food?
Too damn much. The answer is too damn much. He's wasted so much money on his little toys, props and trinkets over the years instead of spending responsibly within his means, and he has no signs of stopping. But, hey, it's going to be hilarious to see Phil bounce and squeak when no one will be willing to show him any "financial solidarity" anymore.

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