2018-12-27 - Yaniv Nahoum: Court Order from Israel -

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(((They))) know shut it down

Kiwi Farms: at odds with the Hebrew roots movement and now actual Hebrews.
Wait, Hebrew roots? Was there some sort of spat between Kiwis and some We Wuz Jooz sorts?

Small wonder he can't get an attorney who 1) knows that Israel has no jurisdiction here…
It's hard finding anybody who does not know that Israel allegedly has no jurisdiction in the US.
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Hoo boy, Attack of the Socially Unacceptable Yanivs! I wonder if those come in threes too.

If it ever comes down to it, I’m fluent in Hebrew. I can tell you immediately that the court order is written incredibly shoddily and I would’ve fired the court clerk for this lack of quality.


I dont see why this would matter. Theres plenty of more visible articles naming this guy. Not only that but many people in that thread pointed out that it smelled like bullshit.
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Am I missing something or is this just a considerate heads-up letter letting you know in advance that google is gonna delist one of your pages and not actually asking you to do anything?

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What the fuck was the point of sending this? The only thing I can see here for sending it to you would be letting you know you won't get Google ads (probably just ones that originate or use Israeli IPs) for the site if you don't take that thread and/or post down. It's really more that they're bitching about Google and giving a "courtesy", too, as it were, that the story hasn't been proven.

I guess hack lawyers gotta make cash, too.
Presumably the court issuing the order wants them to warn the websites and give them a chance to object to delisting. Whether @Null wants to do so, even in a perfunctory manner, depends on whether the thread in question (and its google footprint) is worth the novelty of getting involved in an Israeli court matter.

I guess I would worry that other international cows might start adopting similar methods if this works. :-\
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